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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 21, 2009

Sail on

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Hello there and warm greetings from Cape Cod.  As this day begins anew with scattered thunderstorms breaking through the humid morning mist here in Osterville, I thought you might like to see a duck’s point of view as he mightily paddles his way to the marsh that is right in front of him.  The passing of Walter Cronkite this past week end, saddened me only for a brief moment, as I know he is in a better place and I honor his work as “The most trusted man in America”.  I met Mr. Cronkite when I was a kid working at the Edgartown Yacht club after graduating from college in 1987.  I remember working behind the bar at this very dignified, understated building that sits on the little harbor in between the island of Martha’s Vineyard itself and Chappaquitick (and my apologies for most likely mispelling the smaller lesser known island, where you can still take the “On time 1″ 4 car ferry back and forth across the small body of water that defines beauty) and serving a man I watched with my parents… the monumental moments, captured in a timelessness that cannot be matched,  such as the lunar landing in 1969… a “planter’s punch” and thinking to myself, “my God, what a gentleman and an honor to witness his humanity”.  If there was a man that I admired more since my birth on this small, precious planet called Earth, I cannot think of one.  He brought a calm voice of reason and confidence and above all Trust that brought us all together as one, tragedy or victory, did not matter, as he was somehow above the fray, calming our collective fears that even as I child I could feel across that VH channel with a palpablility that brought hope and Love loud and clear.  On this misty tuesday morning here on the Cape, a place where he called HOME, I want to wish him the fondest of farewells and God’s speed.  We all miss you and I am not ashamed to say “I love you”.  Have a blessed day Walter!   Peace M

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