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June 25, 2010

Sail On

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The sunrise was spectacular again this morning at Dowses Beach, here in Osterville, as we ease on into the week end here on this little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by the Last Great Ice Age.  I went sailing yesterday on my boat, “Ti amo”, as seen above, and as I sailed through the clear waters of East Bay, a deep sense of peace came over me, such as I have not experienced in quite some time…so come on down and visit us!  We will leave the LIGHT on for ya!  Yesterday, I caught a little of Dylan Ratigan’s show on MSNBC, a little known station that holds some very dear people to me.  His guest was NBC’s Science and Environmental correspondent, Jeff Corwin, who just returned from the Gulf region and gave some real examples of just how bad it really is in Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida, not to mention the actual Gulf itself.  Thus far, 738 birds, 353 turtles and 41 mammals have lost their innocent lives in the poisoned water.  Corwin, “The first thing you sense is the heat coming off the oil, as it radiates through the plastic of your boots.  The oil is tenacious and sticks to everything.”  With the heat index for the workers, effectively trying to put a finger in a dyke that is gushing millions of gallons of water, but in this case oil, being 106-110 degrees Fahrenheit and with the hazmat suits, rubber gloves, gas masks (if they are allowed by the goons at bp) and other protective gear, the job of cleaning and saving these magnificent animals is torturous.  These heroes of conservation, from the U.S. Wildlife, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fishery, the tri-state bird rescue, International bird rescue, the World Wildlife Fund, among others, these true heroes of the preservation of LIFE should be held high–deserving our esteem and gratitude.  Corwin, “this is like a war, go to Queen Bess Island, a rookery for the Brown Pelican, an animal just taken OFF the endangered species list, and home to over 3000 of this most magnificent of sea birds.”  In 1963 this bird became extinct in the region, and through a herculean effort, they came back–50,000 strong.  Now, their future is unknown.  People have to look at this whole disaster as effecting the food web on whole–the entire eco-system.  From the most simplistic one celled animal, that is food for another animal, and so on, this oil has destroyed the food chain for over 400 species who live and love in the Gulf of Mexico.  70 percent of our shellfish come from Gulf waters.  According to Dr. Herrick Hoffmeir, a scientist from the University of Southern Mississippi, (Gulf Coast Research Lab) every Tuna, from Nova Scotia on down the Atlantic, breeds only a few miles from where the spill occurred, “it could effect an entire generation of Tuna.”  Corexit 9500, the “dispersant” that is being deployed to make people “feel” better about the oil spill, because it breaks the oil up and thus, looks less bad for the villain bp, is actually a highly toxic banned substance that will cause much more damage than just the oil alone, as it effects those most delicate of animals on said food chain, and thus, WILL EFFECT man.  We turn now, to the BBC and Matt Frei, who interviewed the devil himself last night, a man who personifies the attitude and behavior of big oil–Todd Hornbeck, CEO of Hornbeck offshore “services”… Mr. Hornbeck let us all know, under no uncertain terms, just how stupid, arrogant and creepy these “men” really are.  These “men” of big oil.  I wonder what Teddy Roosevelt would have done to bp?  I will let Mr. Hornbeck’s words speak for themselves, for I don’t think they need any explanations, save the truth as it is preserved in the parentheses forthcoming…and ACTION: BBC:  “You seem to be taking on a pretty big enemy and winning at the moment (speaking to an injunction of the moratorium on drilling in deep water), how does that make you feel?”  Horbeck:  “Well, uh, er, we just want to get back to work (I’m personally losing $1,000,000. a day), we think (i.e. me and the rest of the giant monster called the oil industry), we think that the moratorium (the moratorium designed to take a good hard look at the 33 out of 3500 wells in the Gulf, making sure that they are safe and have procedures in place that are not 40 years old, thereby being able to handle a spill like deep water, shutting down wells that have similar problems to the one’s deep water experienced, such as the “Atlantis”, 80 miles south of the deep water horizon explosion, and thus, have just as much of a chance sinking, a 45 percent chance according to credible experts testing the blowout preventers, causing yet another oil “spill”) is wrong, for stalling the oil fields for this “incident” is the not the right course of action (as Brown Pelicans lay dying, in a suffocating, burning oil coat, by the hundreds–oil soaked innocent victims of your arrogant negligence), we need to move forward (in making billions), get all our vessels back to work and the drilling rigs back to work (so go f#$k yourself people of the Gulf, who side with environmentalists, common sense, and decent people who love animals too much! We don’t care about Pelicans, sea turtles, dolphins or whales– f#$k you whale!).”  BBC:  “The reason Obama put this moratorium in place was because of safety concerns.  You don’t think there are any safety concerns?”  Hornbeck:  “Well, er, ah, Norbet (crooked, bought and sold judge who overturned the moratorium) the judge and the thousands of constituents in the south (forced at gunpoint) said the moratorium is not the way to deal with safety concerns (more drilling is, and, as one of my colleagues said a few weeks ago, we need more oil spills to have the urgency of NOW to come up with better ways of cleaning up oil spills), we need to be working (so that I can add a couple of new pools to my home in Maui) so that we can work on the processes (?) (of spinning this whole idea of regulation out the window along with the pink communist government now in power), and come the fall, I…”  BBC:  “Sorry, Mr. Hornbeck, we had to cut you off.”  That was an actual interview with the devil, vampire or whatever you want to call him– but don’t call him soft on Pelicans, no sir, those Pelicans have had a free lunch for too long now.  What a scumbag.  Rick Steiner, another great man and marine conservationist, spoke on Keith Olberman’s show last night, regarding the drilling that is planned for ANWR, the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, perhaps the most holy place on planet earth.  We are going to let this same company drill on a fake man made island, so that it is not considered to be deep water drilling, and go with the same crappy “bp response plans” that were in place when the Deep Water rig blew sky high only 67 days ago.  Put together in the dark room of Dick Cheney’s heart and mind (soul optional) three years ago, bp plans to drill 2 miles down, and then horizontally 6 to 8 miles, again, with no updates on safety and wisdom that they, God forbid, might have learned from their previous and current disaster in the Gulf.  According to Rick Steiner, there can be severe “gas kicks” that could lead to an even bigger explosion and spill, as this rig is bigger and far more dangerous than the Deep Water was.  “It is insane that we lifted the moratorium”, and as I agree with Mr. Steiner, I would take it a step further… Who the hell is running this country anyway?  GOD’S SPEED to the Gulf–all of the men and women who live, love and work there, the birds, especially the Brown Pelican and their young, the sea turtles and dolphins, whales and manatees, and the delicate marsh lands, may you truly see a miracle designed by creative intelligence! Have a good week end folks.  Peace~M

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