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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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August 28, 2009

Rose and Teddy Kennedy

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On a solemn day here on the Cape, as well as all over New England, especially Boston, the motorcade carrying the body of the late great LION, Ted Kennedy, rolled down route six from Hyannis Port, west, along route 6, across the Sagamore Bridge and onto route 3, merging with the southeast expressway 93, heading north into Boston.  Some to the locations the motorcade stopped at, included the State House on Beacon Hill, Bodoin Street, Faneuil Hall where Sam Adams, the great revolutionary fought for our right to be free of tyranny, to a park named in his mother’s honor, Rose (where she used to live); a place where mother’s with children can allow their kids to play in the grass and well, just be kids.  His body lay in repose at the JFK library, in South Boston, and thousands of people from all over the world are gathering this week end to pay final respects towards this true LION of the Senate, of the people, and for the causes that championed such things as evolving as a race (human race), to become more charitable to thy neighbor, to go the extra mile for a friend, and to reach out to the other side of the aisle, listening to colleuges’ differences on policy, but being strong to get the truth out there, loudly enough so as to serve the constituents whom elected them all in the first place.  He was never  petty, nor did he lie for political gain.  He was above that, he was from a higher plane, first class gentlemen.  Moreover it was widely known about him the fact that he would gladly share with those who may have come from a different, lower class.  His one main issue–HEALTHCARE–will be passed and it is my solumn prayer that his last speech echoed a year ago, and I paraphrase only slightly, “Health care should be a right of every citizen in this country, it should not be a priviledge for the few.”  Let us all pray that the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives pay heed, search their own souls, look around their towns and see what is really going on and make a moral decision, not a political one.    Have a great week end!       Peace M

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