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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 5, 2020

rolling stone

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Greetings dear serfs, slaves, peasants, I mean free, self determined, ’sovereign’ ‘citizens’ of America/world at large, ’tis I, Lord William Montague III, country gentleman. I have been successful once again in hijacking seacapecod.net–silencing that dreadful Michael Mosier and his long list of conspiracy realities we allow him to post on this website. Indeed, I shall be penning this ‘message in a bottle’ from my North Atlantic escape, an unassuming luxurious mansion by the SEA. Writing to my fans on a callous, cold, impersonal, gray, weathered, uber wealthy island called Nantucket, only 27 nautical miles south/southeast of Hyannis, (unless you be a local!), yes, on this cold, rainy, wind swept Saturday, The Fifth Day of December, 2020, I truly wish you and yours a very fine and fair adieu.

What’s all this ballyhoo over the solution we gave you all to the problem of “CON”VID-19(84)?

Don’t you trust my dear friend and partner in crime Bill and Melinda Gates? Don’t you trust esteemed Doctor of Epidemiology, Dear Father, “Fast Eddy” Anthony Fauci? You don’t trust “Jaws”? ‘Come on Man!’ Lighten up America!  Just look at our communist poster boy in California, Governor Gavin, “can you say CIA asset?“, Newsom! That prancing puppet is just doing his job in locking down the most populated state in the country; no walking, biking, no surfing dude!

We will ease up on Christmas Eve though, and, if your good, maybe even Christmas day, but then, it’s right back to Stalag 13!

Seig Heil!

That is, after you have (socially distanced/masked up), opened up your presents that will include a 1500 dollar ’stimulus check’ from Uncle Sam if, and only if, you take our ’safe and effective’ mRNA jab, a DNA altering, nanobot injected, fetal tissue laced, mark of the beast “C.”ertificate “O”.f “V”.accination “I.”"D.”


“19″ (year it was ‘created’)

Get it?

The “Dark Winter” we have planned for you and yours will not be for the feint of heart.  First, we will trick the public into believing these vaccines are safe, i.e. no reactions to the first wave of placebos injected into ‘essential workers’, health care providers, politicians, celebrities and of course the elderly and those ‘at risk’, you SEA we do have a heart.

Not really, evidenced by the fact during this ‘time’ period, and I quote my pal Bill Gates on this one, “…if they didn’t pay attention to the first pandemic, ah, I think they are going to pay attention to the next one.”

Big smiles everyone!  Why so gloomy?

This is great news!

Our plans to depopulate Earth and rule over it via AI are coming into fruition!

If you don’t believe me, please Google ‘Deagel.com’ future population forecasts, a small wager it will shock you.

5G military grade A, millimeter/microwave deadly radiation weaponry, combined with a planned new bioweapon being released soon, as millions BEG for that final solution coming in the form of the real vaccine–highly experimental, as we have not even experimented on animals–where machines take over Mankind, bringing this whole human experiment to a close fairly quickly,

don’t ya think?

That’s one small step backwards for a man, yet a great leap forward for the New World Order!

I shall be dining with Klaus Schwab, the fine leader of our World Economic Forum, and author of “COVID-19 & The Great Reset”, in Davos, Switzerland Sunday night, so there will be more to discuss later, as our plans for world domination become your new normal.

Enjoy your freedoms while you still have them all you greasy, grimy peasants, serfs, ‘patriots’ (jingoism never dies), from Denver to Detroit, Boston to Baton Rouge!  For the love of God, fret not, resistance is futile.

“…with no direction home…like a complete unknown;

like a rolling stone.”

Hugs and Kisses!

Ta Ta!

Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman)

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