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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 14, 2010

Road to Dowses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Good to be with you on this Tuesday morning here on Cape, with the weather here in Osterville reflecting a cloudy and cool pattern, as it has been, cool, for the past few days, allowing for some real enjoyment of Dowses Beach, as seen in the image above, a long, winding road leading up to “Faith Hill”, where the beaches are wide open allowing for some clear reflection and clarity, a nice change of pace from the summer crowds, believe me… It seems that President Obama has identified a man who may become Speaker of the House after the November 2 elections, where the reigns of power may shift towards the right (wrong) and thus, create a mirror image of our economy, stagnation, in the already stagnant Legislative branch of the United States government.  John, “I just talked to George Hamilton after the David Hasselhoff roast on Comedy Central and he is insisting that you return his fake tan,” Boehner (R-OH) has become the poster boy for the “party of hell no”, the p.o.h.n. if you will, attached at the hip to the corporate tea party movement, and has drawn the fire of the leftist, socialist, progressive members of society who have finally found a voice in this epic fight for the survival of what we once knew of the United States of America, it’s people, it’s wildlife and it’s overall standing in the world at large.  The reality of the p.o.h.n./corporate tea party movement is this–they want to take the country back to the days of Ronald Reagan and moreover, allow the corporations to completely take this country over, from regulatory issues to repealing the new health care LAW and subsequent financial reform LAW.  More frightening is the prospect of the p.o.h.n. privatizing social security, abolishing medicare and medicaid, “taking out” the Department of Education, the Environmental Protection Agency, taking a “hard look” at the Civil Rights LAW enacted in 1964, repealing Roe v. Wade, demonizing “others” religious freedoms, their sexual orientation, their ethnic background and so much more…  Yes, the point man in this fight for what is right and what is so clearly WRONG is Mr. John, “don’t call me billy bob”, Boehner, who, most likely, believes in “second amendment remedies”, who he might begin to utilize against bloggers like myself, “taking out” anyone who doesn’t agree with him.  I have to ask these crazy bastards like Sharron “Angle”, who began the whole conversation about guns and the concept of “second amendment remedies” in a direct correlation with Senator Harry Reid of the great state of Nevada, making every indication that she meant what she said when she subliminally requested that somebody, “take Harry Reid out”– who the hell are you people and more to the point, ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  There are plenty of crazy followers within the p.o.h.n./tea party movement and as the elections get closer, would it not stand to reason that one of these crazy people might take Sharron up on her call for arms and literally shoot someone?  It is not that far out of the realm of possibilities?  What in GOD’S name has this country come to?  I will tell you what it has come down to, some very wealthy “Americans” have decided to pull a coup on the U.S. government and because of some irresponsible words from the former Speaker of the House, “She turned me into a Newt”, Gingrich, “I got better”… (credit Monty Python’s Flying Circus), who said only a few days ago, that President Obama was a con man, a “Kenyan con man” who pulled off the greatest scam ever to become the President of the United States and is taking this country down a road towards the Muslim faith, etcetera and so forth, ad nauseum, the real crazy people that follow this nonesense might just do, GOD FORBID, the unthinkable.  This type of vitriolic rhetoric is borderline criminal, as it is being done deliberately by some very sick people, hell bent on winning in the upcoming election and thus, recreating this country in the image of Goldman Sachs, Exxon Mobile, Halliburton, McDonald’s and any other Fortune 100 company that plans to get aboard the CTM band wagon, i.e. the corporate tea party train ride straight into hell.  Gone are the days of caring for our citizens, for, as I said yesterday, according to the p.o.h.n., “they are on their own.”  The reality of the situation is much grimmer than it seems even now, for as the climate continues to warm, bringing catastrophic damage to ALL of us, but mostly the poor, and as “Peak OIL” becomes a reality on the ground, massive energy shortages bringing about even more pain and suffering to the citizens of this country, the pain in this nation will be of historic proportions, as we watch this country rip itself apart at the seams.  Only a few  will be with clean water, healthy food and a warm house to live in, and that, of course, will be the wealthiest two percent of the population.  That is the “big” fight right now, the 2 percent and the tax breaks that they have been receiving for the past 10 years courtesy of their pal George W. Bush.  Those tax breaks of 2001 and 2003 were meant to expire on December 31, 2010 and yet, that is what Boehner, McConnell, Gingrich, Palin, the Koch brothers and the countless other corporate interests, who are a bit more shy but rule with an iron fist, want more than anything else…MONEY and POWER, and therefore NEED to keep those tax breaks in place, not for “the American People”, but for themselves; their rich friends in the corporate world and their political aspirations.  There is no doubt in my mind that if the President bends on this one, his next two years will not have as much power as it will if he stands up to these monsterous lobbyists who have ruined Washington D.C., as well as the political process as we once knew it.  The great divide between the right (wrong) and left (right) in this county has never been greater.  It almost seems as if we live in Israel.  Depending on whose “side” you are on, you may feel as if you are an Israeli, who feels insecure and lives in fear of his neighbors, such as Iran, Syria, and the Palestinian State that exists within the borders of Israel itself.  Living in this fear and doubt, not understanding your neighbor, it would behoove you to realize that you DO live with the Palestinians and therefore, you must find a way to live WITH them, without killing them.  It seems to me, that the republican party never wanted a very big tent, and thus, are now feeling the effects of having such a narrow and bigoted point of view.  Poor people are not contagious, they are your brothers and your sisters and as you head on over to your King James Bible study, remember the very real words of Jesus Christ himself, “what you do to the least of me, you do unto ME.”  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Have a nice day everybody.  Peace~M

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