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January 29, 2011

Road to Dowses

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this chilly, snowy Saturday morning here on little old Cape Cod, Osterville to be precise.  The Northeast has seen record snowfall, with Boston receiving over 62 inches thus far, Hartford, Connecticut, where I grew up, receiving the same, New York City coming in at 50 plus, and Syracuse, New York, coming in at a little less than ten feet!  Happy Climate Change everybody, except, of course, the members of the tea party and the republican party, who have been brainwashed into thinking that global warming is a hoax.  Just keep that head in the sand, Mr. Speaker, let us know when you want us to send in the lifeboat, although don’t wait too long, for it has been my real life experience that once one is on a say, a 78 foot sailboat in the harbor of Edgartown (Martha’s Vineyard), circa 1997, during Hurricane Edouard, as a buddy of mine and I decided to ride out the storm on the boat, that once you are out there, Harbor Patrol is not going to come out and save you…you are on your own.  With the rising flame of RAGE occurring as I write these words, in the city of Cairo, Egypt, as well as Suez, Alexandria and really all over that Arab state, a state that has been ruled by a dictator for the past 30 years, we, collectively, citizens of the world, are witnessing the rise of a possible revolution, thanks, in part, to the new social mediums, Facebook, Twitter, the intranet in general, and that vast, lighting fast speed of that communication, the instant connection with other human beings, that has seemingly replaced, transcended in many ways, the old school “written word” that once emanated from only a few sources, many of which were flawed propaganda machines to begin with, blaring at you 24/7/365.  This new found freedom of expression, and a march towards liberation, miles away from corrupt dictators, whether or not they are a “strategic partner” or not, for you can’t SAY to the people of Cairo that they should embrace Democracy and all the values therein, yet still expect them to live in squalor and destitution, while the ruling class (Plutocracy) lives in luxury and expresses cruel and unusual punishment to those who oppose them, (this is where the “rub” of the matter is, this is where, if you will excuse the cliche, the rubber meets the road of rhetoric)–yes, this new found freedom of expression is here to stay… and is making this world one, whether we like it or not. There are shortages, seemingly, all over the world, and, in reality, now that we ARE truly a global society BECAUSE of GLOBAL COMMERCE, thus, causing the world to shrink before our very eyes, becoming smaller via the information age, we cannot put our head in the collective sand any longer.  The gifts include new ways to communicate with one another, as we are seeing the WILL of the people be heard for once in, well, in the case of Egypt, the past thirty years.  This is akin to someone pulling your covers off of you and exposing the naked TRUTH as to what is going on, telling the Emperor that not only does he not have any clothes on, but that his policies are uglier than his overweight, fat as$.  There should be no need for hunger in this world.  There should be no need for children to die of Malaria, AIDS, cholera, or malnutrition.  There is no need that kids in Africa, say, sit on a dirt floor for 7 hours while trying to learn the basic building blocks of KNOWLEDGE, (please google “The Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell” and his fantastic program to build desks for children in Africa, a wonderful cause that needs your help).  There is no reason why we should get to the point where there is not enough clean drinking water.  There IS enough “money” to solve these epic global problems, for, if the corporate milieu, made up of a whole bunch of “Christian” folks, very, very, very rich Christian folks, wish to pass itself, like a camel, through the “eye of the needle”, as scripture states very clearly in the BIBLE, (coming from an ancient Gospel of Jesus Christ himself, where he once said of a rich man, that, “it is easier to pass a camel through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of GOD,” yes, if, (I am assuming they are not just cherry picking what they like and “don’t like” about what Jesus may, or may not, have said in any number of Holy Gospels) and this is a big “if”, if they truly want to pass through that very narrow passage way, into “the Kingdom of GOD”, they might want to take the words of Jesus a bit more seriously, you know, apply the KNOWLEDGE as opposed to exploiting others WITH it.  Of course, 2011 years ago, the “eye of a needle” was actually not what you might think it is at all.  In the ancient Egyptian structures, as well as some structures in Jerusalem, the “eye of the needle” is a narrow passage way inside, say, a pyramid, far too narrow for the likes of an Arabian camel to squeeze on through.  The responsibility that all of these corporations have to the world, that they often exploit, is this, should they choose the path of an “enlightened corporation”, they must follow the likes of the great ones, thus far, men and women like Bill and Melinda Gates, Ted Turner and Warren Buffet, who have pledged to GIVE most of their money and time to a nobler calling–namely helping those who cannot help themselves–for that is TRULY LOVING your fellow man, as you love yourself, and by LOVING your fellow man, you are LOVING GOD, for GOD is in ALL man, woman and child, in every tree, sparrow and deer.  Maybe the whole problem with the ruling class has been that, the FACT that many don’t LOVE themselves, and thus, cannot love another.  Those people I feel sorry for and do not condemn, rather pray FOR, for we all deserve to reach our potential, our purpose of BEING on this planet, for such a short time, and so, it is with great honor that I write these commentaries every day, not for myself, nor to hurt any one’s true self, but, hopefully, to bring some LIGHT and humor to the ever growing darkness and negativity out there, a seemingly ever present gloom that is bringing good people down. For when we understand what is really going on, we LOSE our FEAR and WE can move ahead (credit MSNBC), and by calling out ignorance, hate, violence and greed for what it IS and pointing out what it is most certainly NOT, and moreover, by calling those behaviors out for what and more importantly WHO they are, without following their hate with more hate, not very easy sometimes, I admit, perhaps, collectively, we can change the violent and regressive philosophies that claim so many souls forth to the LIGHT of day, exposing it for what it is, as has been done by this race for thousands upon thousands of years… I attempt, on many occasions, to offer a gentle prayer of forgiveness and then really letting it go, via the GRACE OF GOD, which, (although the republican party believes it has cornered the market on, somehow “owning” the words and deeds of Jesus himself, the ultimate irony) in the end, after giving it your all, is really all we can do.  Giving back, especially huge amounts of money made in the trenches of capitalism, translates into eternal redemption–I can assure you, it does.  The world is a big place, yet it is shrinking by the moment.  As we contemplate the reality of the reality on the ground in Egypt, I for one, KNOW they too, are my brothers and sisters and that religion will never separate me from the brotherhood of man.  May peace come to the region and the WILL of GOD reign supreme.  Creative intelligence, is very real and ever evolving, if we let it BE, just like you and just like me.    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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