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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 6, 2010

Rhetoric goin’ Rogue…

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Dear Mr. Frank Luntz, Carl Rove, and every other lying sack of s–t strategist who darken the streets of Washington D.C., promoting their lies designed to confuse and frighten the American public into believing it’s their fault,

CONGRATULATIONS!  Your outstanding work at killing our citizens to the tune of 45,000 people a day is working with flying colors, and the monies that you receive in compensation from your evil corporate overloads is a 1000 percent raise from the gold that Judas received from the Sanhedrin for betraying the man you all claim to follow and LOVE--Jesus Christ. From the Supreme Court on down to Anthem Blue Cross of California, you are ALL wholly owned slaves of GREED, CORRUPTION and your own epic egoic demise…so again, from the twisted old Senators in Washington, on down to the dirty little executives at AETNA, who had a five plus Billion dollar profit last year as the nation’s largest “insurance carrier”, I take my hat off to you!  Your solid work in showing us all what not to do on this earth plane has secured your place in the hell you created for yourselves, your “country”, and your fellow man.  Have a nice Saturday!

And to the rest of the good people in this country, have a blessed week end! For remember this– it is always darkest before the dawn…    Peace~ M

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