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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 23, 2010


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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Hope all is well with you and yours this morning, wherever you may be finding yourself… High atop “Faith Hill”, one looks out onto “Little East Bay”, with Nantucket Sound off to the South, and may find solace on a lazy Sunday morning.  This morning I sat looking out onto the Sound, catching a glimpse of an Osprey flying low over the sand, not really fishing, but rather seeming to just enjoy being in the moment of the morning… Being Sunday morning, it is the day when some of the nation plays catch up with all that is happening in our very small planet.  Let’s see, we have the oil disaster (although that statement covers a lot of territory), bank “reform”, the rampant racism in Arizona, and oh yeah, the rewrites in the great state of Texas.  On Friday, a group of teachers and law makers met in that state of knowledge to discuss the new curriculum that has been passed into law, requiring teaches to accept fiction into their repertoire of textbooks designed, originally, to inform students of our very rich and DIVERSE past.  However, the good folks in “lala land” decided against TRUTH, in favor of lies promulgated by some whacked out vision of what America was, is and will be.  These right wingnut fundamentalists, who are beginning to act like Muslim extremists, have made it mandatory that children read falsehoods about their own country.  The goal is to brainwash them early and often, so that they will be more apt to join in whatever cult may rear it’s ugly head as the rapture grows ever closer.  Let’s try out the new version of the Texas rewrite shall we?  After all, history is made every day, so why should they have all the fun.  “Bp, the responsible oil company, was recently attacked by the liberal media for an oil spill that was not their fault.  The real fault lies within the socialist agenda of the Obama administration, whose only goal is to take over the United States of America from the good, hard working American folks.  The oil is being cleaned up by bp, the caring environmentally friendly company that it is, and the initial reports of the damage by outside sources has proved to be false.  The oil spill is not as large as has been reported, with no loss of wildlife, fishing sanctuaries or beach damage.  The large oil “plume” that was also reported is also erroneous, as bp has gathered most, if not all, of the oil and considers the case closed.  Any further damage to the coast line is now considered “Obama’s Katrina” and thus, any judgement should be directed towards him and his administration.  That is all for now, may you have a pleasant today and a pleasant tomorrow.”  Love, contributing members of the Texas Rewrite, Inc…  May your day be filled with knowledge, Love and Joy…

Peace~ M

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