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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 2, 2021


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Greetings and soggy salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dark, daunting, tatteredly, stormy, mild, windy, reigning island of Nantucket!

Great to be with you on this Second Day of January, 2021, getting used to a new key stroke as it were, or is, indeed, a good “Saturn” day for ducks! Praying you and yours are safe from all the ills this silent, effective, ruthless, coup de tat, communist Luciferian tyrannical New World Order shakedown has in store for most of the 7.7 billion people currently on Earth;

going forward bravely into this New Year of 2021.


5G (military grade A weaponry/surveillance AI high 60 gigahertz plus microwave radiation), is a stepping stone to 6G, quantum computing.

So get your Internet roaming done before that too is gone.

The ‘truth’ is now scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected for your ‘protection and safety’, defined and sanctified by the STATE.

Therefore, in this incredible coming year of 2021, hold on to your hat, and your wits!

The Bible warned long ago that God would send strong delusions upon Man;

and boy has He!

An evil spell has been cast by this dark, satanic cult, “COVID”, and all that comes with “IT”.

“The Great Reset”, UN’s 17 ’sustainable development goals’, transhumanism, singularity, elimination of an invasive species (humans, ever SEA the 1979 film, “Alien”?), and the geoengineering of our Earth to prefer new species on surface…

Tell me more!

While one still has freedom on said Internet, if you please review “The Frankenstein Concoction is the Final Solution”, via celestialreport.com/Bitchute;

a must SEA!

For one must be aware enough to real eyes we are at war with a species that does not want humans to reign any longer, if they even still do.

Look at how this whole ingenious smokescreen of the ‘coof coof’ has rolled out, in Lockstep!

Seig Heil!

In 2010, the late David Rockefeller put out a white paper entitled “Lockstep”, using that very same word, a word that reigns supreme, whole world lock down scenario out played out/orchestrated to the letter, then, in October of 2019, “Event 201″ took place (tabletop exercise pandemic/global response), leading US to where we sit presently, all lined up to take a mad scientist potion from hell that will carve you out like a pumpkin and turn you into a soft robot.

Ever connected to AI/cloud/synthetic graphene sheen…

The incoming Beijing Harris/Biden Administration is simply an extension of the Cabal, thus, an administrator to what they refer to as ‘dark winter medical police state’, a dystopian nightmare designed, distributed and delivering as we speak these deadly mRNA hijacking, hydrogel, nanobot, quantum dot, ‘Golden Gate’ bridge technologies that is intended to hallow out humanity, literally and figuratively, transforming man into machine, depopulation guaranteed, or your money back!

In the coming days, you will have a choice to make.

Do you wish to retain your God given, sovereign, holy, and blessed by His breath life? Defending it unto death?  Or turn it over to a Luciferian, Godless, loveless, cold, callous, capricious, cunning communist state, hell bent on eugenics, transhumanism, and again, depopulation?

Do you value your own life and that of your loved one’s?

The simple path is purity.

In the immortal words, I never thought I would be quoting former U.S. First Lady, Nancy Reagan, “Just say NO”, to these emerging technologies and societal upheaval demands.

Embrace your Humanity!

share what you have learned today.

Celebrate being human,

treasure it!!~


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