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December 22, 2018

Real Rock & Roll!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and mighty surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cool, crisp, perhaps Christmas snow on the way for that wonderful, wondrous, wild and woolly island of Nantucket! It is quite early, well before dawn on this Saturday ‘morn, The Twenty-Second Day of our Lord, in this blessed month of December, 2018…


Perhaps this is a love letter to a place where many moons ago, this ‘humble’ and rather arrogant, broken, broken hearted ‘reporter’ left his home state of Colorado, Denver/Boulder to a place where he found love once before; and knew he would find again. Lo, to start a new life in a place he loved so much from his youth when he would summer there when he knew it all, he was bullet proof and proud as the day is long…  He found that love on some Christmas Stroll in that fateful year of 1997, and perhaps, just perhaps, he may find “it” again, you know, that “it”, that only essence in this world that is TRULY real…

He was wrong…

Or was he?

When I wrote “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, the ‘fog’ was your’s truly…

I was the FOG!

The gift this Christmas under my ‘Charlie Brown’ Christmas tree back in my adopted home of Hyannis/Hyannis Port is simply this:

Merry Christmas to all on Nantucket, with all my love.  Especially the crew at ACK.FM, the best in the business, Chris Reiser, along with hilarious James Munder,

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann protege Chris Morris, and that special lady DJ extraordinaire, Nancy Walker… (and her co-worker ‘George’; the black lab!)

She spoke yesterday of her recent ‘moves’ around the island and parts unknown and via my latest adventure to Provincetown, ‘thinking’ that would be a great place to finish ‘that great American novel’, in the dead of winter with a population less than Casper, Wyoming, 999 souls, perhaps even less. A true ghost town where from my bedroom window this humble boy witnessed, truly witnessed, walking down Commercial street, well after midnight, dressed in their finest Sunday best from the 18th century, and no, I was not under any mind altering substances, happy spirits that, after the hundred or so passed, left me with a peaceful, good feeling.  An experience I will always be grateful for… Yes sir, it reminded me of the winter (’97-98), I spent on the frozen tundra of the Grey Lady’s landscape, lo, attempting to escape the corporate rat race, hoping to finally cut the golden handcuffs therein…  I worked for a short spell at Island Airlines and lived at Surfside with a great builder from Nantucket, a great, talented carpenter named Matt Graham.

Whom I wish God’s Speed!

Needless to say say I flew back to L.A. on a frigid early February in 1998, a nice red eye out of Logan…

All I add to this long winded ‘blog’ is her recent story of her beloved dog George, the Black Lab. I recently lost one due to old age, but I remember once during my many moves on this little sand bar and her islands was his insistence that these card board boxes would go no further than his strong, black paws would allow…

No where;

save as a new toy to chew on.

So, having lived in California many, many years of my 50 years on this planet, I wish you, Nancy Walker, all the BEST this season;

moreover, Good Luck in your next step on this great journey we all call life…

Quite a roller coaster indeed!

After all, It never was a destination, just a wonderful journey hopefully filled with good luck, great friends and family; even “strangers” sharing it along that holy path…

Have a beautiful Saturday morning, afternoon, evening, Christmas and New Year you fine, fine folks of Nantucket;

Especially the Nantucket Police Department and all peoples from beyond a little gem 27 miles from the shores of Cape Cod~

God Bless!


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