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August 14, 2020

‘real’ EYES!

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Greetings and salutations from the humid, murky, very warm milk sun skied island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this fine Friday High Noon, The Fourteenth Day of August, 2020.  Indeed, quite hot if in the sun for too long a period of ‘time’, still awaiting rain from the Heavens…


How’s “CON” vid-19 nation doing today?

No doubt in fear, paranoid, confused, challenged, changing, hopefully clarifying,

for please keep this in mind;

This was all planned.

It is ‘time’ to wake up and real EYES what is about to transpire;

or not.

In fact, it was written down in some form of a ‘white paper’, via the Rockefeller Foundation, penned by David Rockefeller himself, entitled, “Lockstep”, circa 2010, wherein, the illuminate front men envisioned a world covered, blanketed, soaked, stewed, boiled and sealed in a world wide viral pandemic, with no vaccinations ready at onset.  In this ’science’ fiction thriller, the following words or concepts would be common place, such as a global currency reset, RFID microchips, isolation, New World Order, singularity, quarantine, goggles, masks, face shields, social distancing, gloves, gowns, hazmat suits, quarantine again, and again and again, social distancing, touch, feel, breath, hugs, sex, and real honest human connection is headed off at the pass;


In this New World Order “normal”, peasants, I mean people would get used to the idea of waiting in line outside to buy groceries, or anything else in a store that may or may not be open for business, get used to wearing oxygen depleting, immunity lowering, dehumanizing masks permanently!  Insanity right out of the movie “Batman”.  A return of some evil villain, who takes over the city wearing, wait for it, in a bloody MASK!

You can’t make this $hit up!

“Go back to Jersey you moron!”

(credit: ghost taxi cab driver in the classic Christmas film about redemption, “Scrooged!”, starring Bill Murray, beautiful Karen Allen, Bobcat Goldthwait, circa 1988, among other greats).

It gets deeper and deeper, down this here 2020 and beyond Brair’ Rabbit hole! With plenty of tar in the tar pit!

Sadly, where most people’s heads, guts and hearts are these ‘Covid’ days…

Covid days?


Hook, line and sinker, and to those who are not awake yet?

I feel for you,

I truly do.

However, I do not suffer fools, there are too many reasons to stay hopeful and spread the light, love and forgiveness.  Although, one could argue that what is really going on with this coup of humanity, and the culling therein, yes, as my friend from Montreal, Quebec, ehhh?, Canada, stated in one of his great YouTube station channel, “Jeff Censored”,

“God, please give these monsters the cosmic, divine KARMA they most truly deserve!”


“WE”, as a collective, of mostly civil, loving creatures created in the image of GOD, lo, a community with a large majority of semi-conscious beings, yes, living on Earth for a short period of what is truly a man made construct, what you call ‘time’….

“There’s no TIME!”

(credit: Ireland’s favorite son, former late night comic, and, I assume, ‘actor’, give it up for Mr. Giggles, Mr. Liam Neeson!, he’ll set you straight!),

yes, we live here to give love, sadly it seems somewhere down the line, many never comprehended the memo.  Or never were introduced to ‘it’ in the first place.

Love is the answer, starting with yourself.

The past is gone, but, can be recreated in your head as much as you allow it to.

Move forward;

…staying conscious, positive, powerful, pioneering, prosperous and pampering.

Never turn your back on one who needs help.

It could be you one fine day!


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