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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 18, 2015

“Rally for Reason?” Think McFly, think! Hello?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, windy, soon to be quite rainy island of Nantucket! ‘Tis quite good to be with you on this Saturday morn–the 18th day of July, 2015–a rather gray day out on the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s)–as advertised and seen above–looking straight ahead at the old “South Hyannis Light”, commissioned many, many moons ago. This being the week end, and I being a reporter who is, quite literally, one of the laziest on planet earth, you can go ahead and look up when that was for yourself!

But please do not look up the word reason in the “dictionary”, for you will most certainly not find it in that ancient “book” that has become quite useless in this day and age of “observation” and “experimentation”, none so glaring as the corporate takeover, a hostile takeover at that, of this great country we all love so.

Reason and Logic have made an exit from the scene, stage left, and thus, left a gaping hole in it’s collective wake. Built in this insanity of ever growing profit over people is a wide and ominous GRAND CANYON that separates the “good” (haves), from the “bad” (the have nots/the undesirables), all executed under the blanket and unquestionable “Will of God”, or some such nonsense.  Ever using religion to trump said reason, wielding that trusty and ever mighty weapon of choice: FEAR.

We must ‘repent’ for our ’sins’ before the man made ‘end of times’!  By gosh, by golly!  Accomplished of course, by keeping ever keeping the poor down and out, concentrated, marginalized, ostracized, stigmatize, criminalized, starving, hungry, and above all, HOPELESS!  All while not lifting a finger to help the sick, who are dying in record numbers now…  The great ‘leaders’ of the religious monarchies of the world speak of “life after death”, but forget about “life before death”.  What kind of God would give me pain?  A man made God that’s who, now shut up and eat your gruel! We witness the powerful sway of the Roman built Christ as the opiate indeed for the masses, along with some pharmaceutic-ally made stuff as well, creating the control used for centuries by those in the new Rome, handing down ‘punishments’ like so much candy.   Doing nothing for the common good, for the common majority, as they systematically destroy this species (and many, many, many others), only HOME! (memorandum: for their own bloody profit!)

“…yeah, did you get that memo?“  (credit the classic film, “Office Space”, circa 1999)

Science shows us that we need not ‘think’ this way any longer.  Only a tiny mantra of data that does not exist can convince someone of anything; if it is said in the right way, at the right time and in the right place.  The masses will follow, even unto death, predictably time and time again, within the confines of these pointless, brutal and horrifying demonstrations of human insanity. These infinite wars against our “enemies” rage on unabated, in fact mostly cheered on by a deluded and misinformed public, thereby allowing the powerful war machine to manipulate this to their advantage monetarily and morally, creating another monarchy at ‘the end of the day’…

After all, is that not what this is all about?  What did you think we were doing here?  Did you think this was all fun and games?

We, as a collective, intelligent, compassionate (for the most part), loving and social species, WANT to survive, lo, thrive.  We crave peace, joy and that LOVE. Every cell in our bodies screams this FACT from on high, proving that we are much more powerful than WE ‘think’ we are, or rather what we have been conditioned to ‘think’…

This is the most exciting time to be living as a human being on planet earth.  Do not listen to the “man behind the curtain”!  No mas! no longer! For the “Love of God”!  This man (Google any lobbying firm in Washington D.C. working for said ‘man’), be utilizing smoke and mirrors, loud thunder and lightening!  All illusions designed not to enlighten, rather instill FEAR! Fear and love cannot coexist.  For one is the truth and the only ‘thing’ that is real in this world, the other is nothing.  Lo, turn away from the madness and embrace sweet reason. Knowing full well that what you have been told as an individual in your own life’s history is at best a partial historical fact, at worst, a bold faced LIE.

Go out and smell the roses!


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