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March 4, 2021

Rain Man (2.0)

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden glowing, always dawning, cool, calm, collected, 24 karat white hot gold island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on what appears to be another glorious March 4th, 2021 day ahead, a Thursday I seemed to have lived before, “I’m Dutch, isn’t that weird!” (credit: Mike Myers SNL), indeed, in this Twilight Zone new normal Herr Klaus’ Great Reset ride over the trans rainbow, happy Unicorns dancing all about, choreographed with the insane “CON”VID-19(84) dancers in empty hospitals world wide, as this epic smokescreen continues to cover the real AGENDA 21/30, UN 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’, which will usher in world wide tyranny Mankind has never suffered prior.

Remember the 2012 London Olympics?  Predictive programming 101, as ‘the half time show’ Opening Ceremony begins with a dark circle of hospital gurneys filled with children, appearing exactly as what ‘COVID’ non-isolated CGI looks like on David Mule’s ABC “World News” Tonight, nurses all dancing about madly like they are today, Mary Poppins flying down from the sky with her ‘patented’ umbrella, yes, depicting the nanny state of mind we all live now in 2021!  Images with said children reading in their beds, ’safe’ from the Wraith.

Then, suddenly, super Joe Biden creepy like black, dwarf like little goblins come out of no where, in dark of night ‘the virus’ terrorizes those innocents, and begins to ’spread’ through the ‘community’, culminating with a giant grim reaper like monster black hooded puppet 50 feet tall, holding a massive syringe to wit the symphonic orchestra crescendos in a dazzling display of devilish delusion and designed death…

Sound familiar?

Let’s ask our ‘Commander-in-Chief’, the illegitimate ‘president’ of the bankrupt corporation still ironically called the “United” states of “America”…

Give it up for sleepy, super creepy, Beijing ‘pedo Joe’ Biden, or the creature playing him on :”TV”!


Biden: “Ah, thank you Nancy, I mean “Nazi”, for allowing me to have this wonderful press conference with you guys, boy this is fun!  I love getting all dressed up and stuff… You look great by the way “90 proof” Pelosi, Jesus! That’s me being ironic, and not funny in the slightest, “Come on Man”! Can’t you fucking people take a joke?  I’m not in charge, this is all staged, just like the moon landings, Mars, can you say CGI retard!  This powerful force that is not human has hijacked the White House and is making all the calls, that’s why I won’t take questions, because I don’t want to get my head handed to me on a platter!  Really, who ever the hell “that” is, could be a lizard, could be a masked villain from the Castle Rock Studio set in L.A. W.H.O. knows!  One things for sure, America will be a third world nation by the ‘time’ 2024 rolls around if this communist take over, oh yeah, it’s already a fait accompli, or is it?  In fact, as these words are written, all under investigation for crimes against humanity, according to future time traveling predictions, so we better wrap this up…. I know it’s been well over 40 days since I have given me, I mean my first solo press conference, and it’s because, well, besides me Depends under pants not working so good, I need to take a nap at least three times a day, and of course, there’s “Wapner” at “The FIVE”, on FOX, and I always buy my underwear at K-Mart, OK,

“I mean what you have to understand is four days ago he was just me brother in name, and this morning, we had pancakes!”

“Charlie Babbitt, Uh Oh! Underwear on the highway, Uh Oh!”

“Raymond Babbitt, definitely not, definitely not!”

“I’m gonna take a celebration piss!”

“Of course you can’t have pancakes without Maple syrup”

, “I just realized I’m not pissed off anymore, my father cut me out of his will, you probably knew he tried to contact me over the years, I never called him back, I was a prick.  If he was my son and didn’t return my calls, I would have written him out…But it’s not about the money anymore, you know, I just don’t understand. Why he didn’t tell me I had a brother? Why didn’t anyone ever tell me that I had a brother?!  Because it would have been nice to have known him for just the past six days!”

“You use me, you use Raymond, you use everybody! Using Raymond? Hey Raymond, am I using you? Yeah. Shut up! he is answering a question from a half hour ago!”

C.H.A.R.L.I.E. ‘my main man’, yeah, K-Mart sucks!”

How was that for an ancient old man you likes his yucks?  According to New York Governor Andrew, “W.H.O. cares where they died, they died!”, Cuomo, “it’s wet”!  And he apologizes for being a real slime ball, but I digress, and digress and digress, any questions yet?, oh, and “we have pepperoni pizza at the White House every Monday nights”.  “Pizza, you get pizza in an institution?”  “Monday night is Italian night…”

“W.H.O.’s on first? Ray, it’s a classic. When you do it, it sounds more like Abbott and Abbott.”

Oh God, why did they clone me? I just wanted to kiss that only dancing hooker in Vegas can’t ‘cha SEA! Oh dear Laddy, can’at ‘cha SEA?

I still gotta pee…”

(credit: Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman and Joe Biden? in the 1988 movie “Rain Man”, Oscar Winner!)

Maybe, just maybe I’m a little off topic and saw the film “Rain Man” once too often, because quite frankly, I feel for Tom Cruise’s retarded brother in that great movie, God, what, where, W.H.O. the hell am I? Oh yeah, I’m running for the Senate in the great state of Oklahoma, I mean Vermont, or was it Delaware? and this is me sister Dr. Jill something, course she’s not a real doctor like Father, Fast Eddy Fauci, “Kill” Gates and his/her husband/wife “Cull”linda (the malevolent one), and we plan on having more ICE CREAM (I scream), a little later on, you know, after I take a few questions from that bored out of their pre-scripted minds, salivating, soon to be out of work press core, but  if I do, then they will know, oh, I’ll just let ‘ole “I’ll circle back to ya on that one”, Jen Psaki, SAKI! I just love saying that, it never gets old and it really pisses her off. Let me give you a nickel’s worth of free advice, don’t piss off women, don’t touch them if you know they don’t want to be touched, don’t be creepy, rules for thee but not for me, that’s my advice to you, let them do what they want, and get out of the way.  Let them do what they want, when they want, compliment, do not offend, do not try and change them, like Kamala, ’cause I think it’s kind of creepy that she is always there, by my side, standing guard over me, with that black mask on, God, it’s like I’m living in a horror movie now, I want to go back home to me basement, I mean God, she be watching me every move, eye balling me boy o, Christ, It’s worse than the CIA, Secret Service and the FBI combined!

Leave me alone bitch!

Why didn’t I go with Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan?  Where was I? Paris, France I remember now, the city of rivers I think, no they just have that one, the Seine, which I am not, so without further adieu, can we take any question Nance?  Nancy? Oh, she just slipped out to the package store for some more gin. Is any still on this Zoom call? What’s this funny colored signal on me TV?  With an Indian head? Is that playing God Bless America? It reminds me of when I was a kid,

before we even had TV….”

Fade to BLACK.

PS Happy Birthday to the finest photographer on planet earth Patty Marsan, many, many, many happy, blessed returns!

I love you!


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