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May 25, 2011

Quiet Morning

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-fifth day of May, 2011, a bright, sunny one here in Osterville, as you take a look out onto my world above.  I hope this message in a bottle finds you and yours warm and safe wherever you may be in this great big world we all share.  The vicious tornadoes that hit Joplin, Missouri yesterday, killing one hundred and eleven people, with many still missing, is just another example of why we need the best severe weather predicting tools available to ALL, and that, of course, means NOT cutting the budgets for the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration and National Weather Service, as the republicans wish to do, as well as abolish Medicare and Medicaid, while they take tax increases for the wealthy, “off the table”, effectively attempting to throw grandma and grandpa out into the cold, saying, “here are some coupons, why don’t you see that we are “empowering” you (as congressman Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco!” Ryan (R-WI) recently said when describing his pathetic plan to solve our growing national debt), to just go on out there and purchase some private health insurance from an industry that will be more than happy to give rather than take, as has been their policy from the inception of health insurance in this great nation of ours for decades and decades now, yes, a truly altruistic industry.  How is it “empowering” to take away guaranteed coverage, while raising the estimated out of pocket expense paid by those seniors (by the congressional budget committee) by 8000 dollars!?  F you Ryan, “Bronco”, or whatever you real name is–how about A#$hole!  Instead of putting the tax code right, by increasing the taxes back to their pre-Bush tax levels (tax decreases for the rich that were meant to be temporary) of 39 percent, a far cry from where they once were during say, World War II, 91 percent, we would save, as a country, 4.1 trillion dollars over the course of the next ten years, not to mention actually bringing REVENUE back into the system, for that is where the problem really lies, not with spending, rather with revenue, or the lack therein, as corporations and rich folks fly under the radar, moving their “world headquarters” to places like Zug, Switzerland and taking all of their cold cash and placing it in off shore accounts in, for example, the Grand Cayman Islands, where they pay nothing in the way of federal income taxes, leaving that burden as they always do–to the poor, the elderly, and the shrinking middle class.  Let’s just face it–Republicorp of America is anti-American, exposing the obvious FACT that they are racist fascists, who would throw their own mother under a bus just to grab that quarter they spied on the street.  The good news today, however, is the FACT that the 26th district of the great state of New York, in a special election held yesterday, a real red meat republican district historically, went to Kathy Hochul, a democrat that surprised everybody, especially REPUBLICORP, by defeating a blond, blue eyed liar who said in desperation, regarding the Ryan bill that 80 percent of people in the United States are AGAINST, “I’m not married to it…”  Sorry lady, too little too late, and even that pathetic last word from you ever in the public eye, is also a LIE–congratulations, at least you are consistent.  This is historic and a referendum on the over reach of the republican party in general, that will continue as more and more people LEARN about who and what these “young guns” are really all about–opportunists who are sticking it to the poor, while continuing to lavish the rich, the top one tenth of the top one percent, the people who are creating the laws in Washington D.C. now, for their lobbyists own most of the puppets in the House of Representatives, the republican wing any way, and many, if not all, of the republican members of the Senate, as well as some democrats like the Knucklehead Nelson from Nebraska, and as they continue to buy and sell more puppets down the road, the true American people will see that they are not interested in the average, well to use their words, “American people”, no, they are only interested in the brother’s KOCH, or the like, and thus, will stab the “American people” in the back, like they did in Wisconsin (Governor Scott Walker), as they “frack” their way out of office, one poisonous “natural gas” well head at a time–chalk full of those 596 deadly chemicals that are killing people, animals and rivers all over this country, for the bottom line of David and Charles Koch, who call themselves Americans, but are really, in reality, scumbag snake oil salesmen, who will go down in history as the worst polluters this country has, and will, ever see, yes, for those “brother’s KOCH”, their bottom line, modus operandi, their method of operation will always be PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, words that will be chiseled onto their grave stones.  Have a nice day folks and may GOD be with the good people of Missouri, Joplin in particular, today–there are no words other than we are with you in spirit… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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