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November 28, 2020

Qui Bono?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the dreary, gloomy, damp, daunting, dreamy island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE from our ‘central’, ‘global’ headquarters on famous Ocean Street in lovely, historic Hyannis.  Indeed, ’tis a quiet, almost somber Saturday morning, The Twenty-Eighth Day of November, 2020;


With over half the U.S. population questioning or flat out stating they will not take the ‘toxxinations’ to come, brace for “Operation Warp Speed”/military operation, and what is about to unfold next in this mad year of 2020.

This entire SHOW (COVID-1984 being a smokescreen for UN/WEF ‘Great Reset’ and Agenda 21/30 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’), boils down to two overall objectives to reach their ultimate goal of complete and utter control/power over every living being on Earth.  “Climate Change” conflates with the ‘Rona, thus making it all that more ‘credible’ for the sheep to digest.

These “Kill” Gates toxxines (vaccines being medical, wherein these RNA messenger jabs are not), have been studied since 2002, and only on animals with all sorts of ‘coronaviruses’, of which most died or were permanently injured…  No vaccine has been found, under the normal vaccine protocols of the past, to protect against what is nothing more than the common cold, with a .07 percent mortality rate on average, yet we closed the entire world down, locked people in their homes, destroyed privately owned small businesses, isolated billions from loved ones, promoted bacteria/mold build up with mandatory mask wearing, resulting in bacterial pneumonia (masks have been proven to be ineffective in preventing any viral droplets going in or coming from a person), while they deoxygenate the body--constantly breathing in one’s own toxins--increasing cases of children’s brain damage, along with massive psychological damage;

an uptick in suicides, epic social unrest and mass chaos…

This is not about a virus or the weather, which they control,

This is about that word itself;


There are well over 150 patents on implanting AI into the human mind, body and soul.  All done via quantum tattoos, RFID microchips, Hydrogel, neural lace, just Google D.A.R.P.A., they have the entire catalogue, with Black Friday specials for that certain someone, a certain dictator you may have in mind, yes, these nasty Elves have been busy working for ”, creating all sorts of ways they can take a healthy, Divine Human, tag, jab and isolate, turning him into an animal and eventually a vegetable;

A GMO patented, thus owned, vegetable.

Brought to you by, MonSatan, (Monsanto), poisoning you and yours for many a decade now…


Like the crappy “Kill” Gates Microsoft software systems and computers–viruses created, hence “user” must spend money for updates–our bodies are now the hardware used in this sick, depraved, warped (speed), disgusting, devilish, diabolical plot against humanity, wherein, the virus, i.e. ‘The Rona, is introduced (out of ‘the blue’), and luckily, ‘ole “Kill” Gates had the answer for this PROBLEM up his purple, New World Order issued and copywritten, fuzzy, soft, cashmere, sweater sleeve in the form of a deadly messenger RNA vaccine loaded with fresh fetal cells, yuck!!!, bio electricity/luminescence, heavy metals, i.e. aluminum, allowing, breaking the blood/brain barrier;

what could go wrong there?

Oh, I’m sure it’s just fine, after all, “Kill” Gates cares about people right?

Plus, look at all the jobs he has created and lives he ruined with his malicious toxxines in Africa!

Those kids are so lucky to have ‘ole “Kill” on their side!

We should always listen to upstanding billionaire killers like the “Kill” and…wait for it,

“Cullinda” (the malevolent one), his/her, husband/wife.

In fact, this reporter is one hundred and ten percent sure they are on the up and up, that they truly care about humanity and this is all a big misunderstanding right?


Why the urgency to vaccinate the entire world “Kill”?

Qui Bono?

Who benefits “Kill”,


Uncertainty in the legitimacy of November 3, 2020 U.S. presidential elections, warnings of a ‘cold, dark winter’, the ‘increasing cases’ of bogus PCR detectors of genetic material, and the sudden on set of a ‘new strain’ of ‘The Rona, coupled with a massive dose of 5G frequencies (60 gigahertz level affects oxygen molecules with microwave radiation, lowering levels of oxygen absorption into bloodstream, causing victims to ‘grasp for air’, well paid butcher doctors effectively killing patients with ventilators…), has cast a wicked spell over this world, a place now alien, cold, callous and dark.

Fear not good people of Earth!

There are more of us than there are of them!

I give you “The Georgia Guidestones”!

“Maintain human population under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.”

Do the math!

What would George Washington have done in the year of 2020?

He would hang the treasonous bastards!

Stop acquiescing to these psychopathic Archon/lizard people!

They fear fear-less people!

Stand up and fight for your right to be who you were born to be,

a sovereign, divine spark of the Infinite, unconditionally loved beyond the word itself.

Hang on, and take care of one another through this tribulation.

December will be rocky, as will January and February, but the forces of light are here and will prevail ‘at the end of the day’…

Stay positive, stay loving, stay above the darkness to come, put faith in your own power that is, combined with 7.7 billion others, will blow this evil back to where it came from;



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