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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 8, 2009


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These white Daffodil’s in Armstrong-Kelly Park offer up some pure beauty on this sunny Friday morning in Osterville.  The rains have finally dissipated long enough for a good bike ride and walk and tennis and…well, you get the picture.  I just got back from “Cumbies” for some coffee and then flew over to Dowses Beach and sat on Faith Hill for a few minutes, looking out on the Nantucket Sound with the fog encircling the island of Nantucket, according the mariners report, yet here on the mainland the sun is as brilliant as a sapphire, or should I say the sky and sun combined.  I am in such a good place and I wanted to get this blog out as fast as I could this morning.  As this has been a theme week for mothers all over the world, I wanted to touch on something that we rarely talk about as a nation, mother’s who are all alone out there on Mother’s Day, especially those who live in shelters and have little or no hope for things to improve in this country.  I have no illusions that this little blog of mine reaches any great number of people, especially those with “power and money” who could make a difference in the lives of those women.  However, there is the Power of prayer.  We as a nation should be ashamed at ourselves when we look at the likes of a fat little sad man in a little radio booth attempting to play God with his new 400 million dollar contract and his hateful sabotaging, so as to derail the programs that our splendid President has put forth to help single moms and get them the help that they need.  You know what would make my day?  Seeing “Rush” in a clown suit with a big red nose and a tee-shirt that barely fit his obese body and on it read, and I am paraphrasing a friend of mine who is now the Senator for Minnesota, Al Franken, “Hi!  I’m Rush Limbaugh and I don’t care about anyone but me, pastries aside.”  Well, I care.  I am sure that plenty of other people on this eve of the eve of Mother’s Day care just as much about those poor women who are bringing up their little babies in squalor and despair.  Don’t want health care for the country?  Don’t want clean and affordable housing for our most precious of citizens?  Then you must be one of the lucky few who have joined ranks with the rank of self-proclaimed “Boss Limbaugh”.  Look in your heart folks, pick up a pencil and write your Senator and Governor and cry out for the ones with no voice.  For they feel as though they have no voice, worse they feel as though they have no hope.  In a country where Bobby Kennedy sat with children and their mothers 41 years ago and talked of these same issues, nothing has really changed.  No one should be without food or shelter. NO ONE.  My strongest prayer today goes out to the single mother’s of this country who have nothing and maybe, just maybe, those prayers will be heard.      Peace M

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