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May 28, 2010

Pure H20

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket! On a spectacular start to the Memorial Day week end here on Cape, with bright sun and temperatures expected in the 70’s, we’ll leave the LIGHT on for you… President Obama gave a press conference yesterday, to which most of it was dedicated to the breakdown in the Gulf.  I say breakdown because that is what it IS–an oil breach that threatens to destroy the entire eco-system of the region, thereby shutting down the economy of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and perhaps Florida.  It is also a breakdown of leadership and communication, for we know that bp was not going to be forthcoming as to the scope of the disaster, and thus, the Obama administration should have taken control to begin with–employing the Environmental Protection Agency sooner, along with scientists from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute or Scripts Institute, out of La Jolla, California.  We have allowed big business, be it bp or FOX NEWS, to take the reigns of our country for far too long and now that a disaster has struck, we should not allow the slick salesmen among us, who got us into this mess, to try and “get us out”–for that would prove their liability, which is what they were trying to avoid to begin with.  Case in point as to the minimization that began with the talking point offered by Tony Hayward (CEO of bp) when this disaster first struck, (”the effects of this spill will be modest to the wetlands, wildlife and people of the Gulf region), FOX NEWS stated yesterday that, thus far, 30 acres have been effected by the oil.  According to an independent scientist who spent all day yesterday on the oil stained grasses of the Bayou, his estimate is 100 times bigger, at least 3000 acres, thus far, have been effected by the oil “spill” and growing by the minute.  He added that the “plume” of oil, more like a river of thick, black crude that is 20 miles long and 6 miles wide, is what we should be “terrified” of.  Because most oil disasters have been in water of no more than 200 feet, this “spill” offers a unique challenge in so far as WE HAVE NEVER DEALT WITH THIS BEFORE!  HELLO McFly!! The leak that we see on “tv” is actually fairly small and may only be spewing 1000 barrels of oil a day.  However, according to this same scientist, the hunch is that there may be a larger fissure in the fiasco, emitting much greater quantities of oil that neither bp, nor the administration want the general public to know about–lest it might effect bp’s bottom line and send the south into a panic state.  This lake of oil, sitting right off the coast of Mobile, Alabama, is 3000 feet under the surface, and because of the limited access to the spill, as it is surrounded by bp boats and a Coast Guard Admiral, Thad Allen, who seems to really believe in bp and their efforts (?), we are forced to sit and wait for the true disaster to come.  I have mentioned the super tankers in the Arabian Gulf, that can hold 1,000,000., that’s right one million barrels of oil (or any liquid) and have the capacity to suck up water and filter it.  That is exactly what transpired in 1993, when a spill of this magnitude occurred on that same Gulf.  These “super tankers” were deployed like Navy ships, circling the spill like a Zamboni machine, cleaning up more than 90 percent of the spill–90 percent! Obama was asked about the super tankers yesterday and what he told the world was, “he will get back to us on that one”.  At least he is open to something that worked, as opposed to what did not work, a method we are currently employing whereby we, or should I say bp, are utilizing mechanical skimming devices on ships, highly toxic dispersants (the same chemicals were banned in Britain ten years ago, another ironic twist) and controlled relief well drilling.  In 1979, the world’s largest oil spill happened (at the time), in this same Gulf of Mexico.  This well was only drilling in 200 feet of water, however, we used the same methods we are using today–top kill, junk shot, top hat, soft shoe, etc.  None of that worked–and that was in 200 feet of water!  Why would it work now, has something happened to the earth’s gravitational pull?  The reason why events keep repeating themselves in this ongoing saga of mankind’s history as a species, is our inability to learn from our mistakes.  Now, if you are in the p.o.n., you automatically get a free pass, for we all know that YOU don’t make mistakes– for GOD is on your side…  The bp oil “spill” is a direct result of the policies set forth by then President George W. Bush and Dick, “has anyone seen my heart?”, Cheney.  This spill had nothing to do with a very good and honest President named Barack Obama, whose obvious emotion in yesterday’s press conference, via the innocent eyes of his daughter, shined straight on through.  The “Bush” administration (and the good ‘ole boy network that hired them) hijacked many government agencies from the people, including the MMS (mineral “management” services), that propelled a catastrophic environmental disaster like the one we are witnessing RIGHT NOW in the Gulf of Mexico.  The bp deep water horizon mega f#$k $p, was brought to you by the same men who brought you record deficits, an unfunded and illegal war in Iraq, the dismantling of regulation on a “free market” that has shredded the Constitution of the United States and gone quite insane, an ever widening gap between the have’s and the have nots and a complete blind eye to an even bigger problem than the Gulf disaster, GLOBAL WARMING, all caused by the very thing we are drilling for, oil–ironic no?  Will they not rest until the environment is dead and buried?  It seems the one goal of global plutocracy is this–destroying MOTHER EARTH one ton of carbon dioxide at a time.  GOD SPEED TO THE GULF–all of the people, animals and plants, therein… Have a great Memorial Day week end folks!  Peace~ M

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