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June 12, 2010

Puppy Paddle

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope you are fairing well this Saturday morning, as I just returned from Dowses Beach here in Osterville after witnessing yet another beautiful sunrise–offering brilliant purples and pinks at 4:50 a.m. with a sense of peace in the air…a nice way to start the day.  Obviously, the news in the Gulf is not so good.  Case in point, Orange Beach, Alabama.  As the news stations slack off and offer the same old tired rhetoric that we are supposed to believe, i.e. the initial 1000 barrels a day being spilled into the Gulf, when it could be as high as 120,000 barrels, we delve a little deeper and discover a gentleman who is begging for help regarding the oil that has reached pools and rivers 3 miles inland from the Gulf, destroying everything in it’s path.  Rick Steiner, a marine conservationist and marine adviser during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989, stated yesterday that, “the number of failures by bp in this ecological crisis of monumental proportions is astounding.”  He went on to say without any hesitation, “the booms have failed.” Continuing on to describe yet another case in point, where, in Arnaca Bay, 20 female dolphins and their calves are in danger of being poisoned by the encroaching oil slick.  His suggestion was to not fight the current of 7 m.p.h. with ineffective booms, and more ineffective workers who are not maintaining the booms, but to “go with the flow”, following it, corralling it with absorbent booms and mechanical skimmers–doing some actual WORK.  These goons at bp have been in charge now for 54 days and have basically been waiting and watching the oil come ashore, with their “main job” being that of keeping the environmentalists out– along with anyone with half a brain, thus, allowing the BIG LIE to remain alive. This is the rub of it.  There is no local command. Steiner stated that the reason why the Exxon Valdez cleanup was a relative success was the fact that they had “local command.”  Local fisherman, town leaders, etc., were at the table making decisions about the cleanup, as they were the ones who not only lived and fished there, but knew the area better than anyone else.  Who better to head up a cleanup than the ones who KNOW it best? This, of course, was unacceptable to bp, for it would leave them open to questions about a whole host of issues, mainly the amount of oil (hence, the liability of bp) being gushed out into the Gulf of Mexico.  SAVE THOSE DOLPHINS and their young! The President of the United States seems to be afraid of these goons, and it begs the question, “who is running this country anyway?”  Big Corporations?  That, of course, was a rhetorical question… Scumbags like Tony, “is the Lear Jet ready to get me the hell out of here?”, Hayward (CEO, bp), will sleep just fine tonight.  He will not think of a mother and baby dolphin, as they try to avoid the 25 mile long, 6 mile wide oil plume (s)  that “doesn’t exist.” We are at war with a perverted plutocracy, and if you do not believe me, take a good look from the air at the devastation that, according to bp and the White House, is not really happening.  Some clown congressman in, where else, Alaska, drinking the same Kool-Aid as “Saint Sarah” Palin, stated that oil naturally leaks from the ocean floor and therefore the people of the Gulf should just stop whining about something that did not happen.  In other words, a politician that someone actually voted for, or he wouldn’t be in public office, made that insane statement and I would hazard a guess that 50 percent of his “followers” believed him.  The more I investigate this epic disaster, the more I am inclined to believe it was sabotage, a form of environmental terrorism.  Take a good look at what is going on in the country that parallels this disaster, take a good look at the, “man behind the curtain…”  Jonathon Humbert, an investigative reporter for KLAS, out of Las Vegas, began investigating the nomination of Sharron “Angle”, now pitted against Harry Reid for Nevada’s remaining Senate seat.  She was a virtual nobody a few months ago, with 12 people showing up for a “rally” to get her into office.  According to Humbert, a tremendous amount of “outside, out-of-state money” has been funneled into her account and, presto, she is now a household name.  Nominate idiots that can be easily manipulated is now the P.O.N. strategy for the upcoming elections in the Fall.  Another case in point, South Carolina, where Alvin Greene, a man who seems out of place for the United States Senate, has mysteriously become the Democratic nominee to go against our buddy, Jim De mint, an aggressive republican Senator famous for saying that, “Healthcare would be Obama’s Waterloo.”  This rather obvious mole, planted by the republican party is just another example of how these monsters who are trained and controlled by the plutocracy forthcoming, are literally stealing the country from right underneath our feet.  The question is, will we fight?  YES! When a big corporation like bp takes over control of a Gulf that does not belong to them, as no land belongs to anyone (for we are merely stewards of an earth that was created by a being, infinitely greater than man, whom he also created, along with the Pelicans we are killing with our greed), destroys it with a criminal act, and then dis-allows the poor people who live, love, laugh and and work in the area (for generations) to clean up the mess, (pay for the cleanup with taxes, proposed by “Senate minority leader of the house” Boehner) or at least have a voice in the cleanup effort, starting by telling the truth as to how much oil is really out there, we have a big problem Houston! There is no longer any intelligent life down here on Earth–beam me up Scottie!  Could you sleep at night, knowing that you have lied about the amount of oil you dumped into one of the most pristine wild life areas in the world?  If you were Tony, YOU BETCHA!  If I see Sarah, “someone hand me a gun so I can shoot myself,” Palin speak one more time, I feel as though I am going to be physically sick to my stomach.  Her tone, her hate, her ignorance and her stupidity is only outmatched by the huge gaping hole in her chest, a spot where a soul once resided.  “Drill, baby, drill…”  what a tragic set of non-sensical words, that serve only to destroy what our CREATOR created–we have collectively, as a species, gone over the edge and into the abyss of madness.  GOD’S SPEED to the Gulf–the people, plants and sea creatures therein…for they are truly GOD’S children... May you have a nice Saturday everybody.  Peace~ M

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