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May 27, 2020

protect and serve?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the foggy, murky, mild, mischievous, mysterious island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Twenty-Seventh Day of May, 2020, a deep fog banked Wednesday morning here on Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, indeed, the only sounds this reporter can hear are the many shore birds greeting what will turn out to be a perfect Cape beach day a little later on, make sure to social distance though! One would not want to push the envelope!

Now would one?

“As the World Turns”, the U.S. will most likely reach that 100,000 death count due to a mysterious virus whose origins are unknown, but whose perceived and literal threat may bring the world’s overall economy to shrink dramatically, casting many a small business into the abyss, a sad truth here on Cape, as many of these great mom and pop shops will shutter their doors forever…

A disturbing incident occurred Monday might in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where four MPD officers were fired yesterday in the alleged killing of an unarmed black man who was targeted for trying to pass a phony 20 dollar bill at a food market.  The officer who executed George Floyd did so in similar fashion to what happened to a black man in New York City in 2014, Eric Garner, who died of suffocation and other complications due to the fact an officer was chocking him while Eric was pleading, ‘I can’t breathe’.

This new video has been flashed many times in the media, and with the FBI now involved, mega protests in the city, with “Black Lives Matter” taking up the cause, perhaps it may begin to turn the tables on bad cops, throwing real prosecution their way, putting them in jail where they should be, like these four. One the killer and other three stooges just standing by, taunting the victim to get up and get into the cruiser when he clearly could not even move, gasping for air and begging for help. Yes, these cowardly criminals stood by and watched the killer kneel on Floyd’s neck for eight minutes, with bystanders pointing out that Floyd was bleeding and had stopped breathing, video taping the whole sordid, sick crime for the world to SEA!

Most police in this country are good, even if the whole concept of what it means to be a police office has changed over the years, becoming more militant and reactive, as opposed to protective and proactive;

…depending on where you are in the Republic.

And what color your skin is, the size of your bank account and that address reads on your photo ID.

Having said that, the minority of bad cops must be addressed, for to ‘protect and serve’ has morphed into ‘harass and humiliate’, sometimes tipping the scales into  ‘malice and murder’ itself.  There was intent and now probable cause to arrest these animals and throw the book at them!  Just because one has a badge and a gun, attended a short training program and is initiated and accepted into the wall of blue (silence) brotherhood, does not give one a license to kill.

That is exactly what this ‘officer’ of the ‘law’ did.  Thus, he should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law he had taken an oath to uphold…

Like our politicians, police are not above said law, nor are they the judge, jury and executioner of it.

In the coming Age of LIGHT;

all will be exposed and made plain, making no mistake about it, even a dirty, highly suspect viral strain.

Sunlight is the best disinfectant for viruses, viciousness, vulgarity, vice and vipers. No need for Lysol, no sir! Only the light of absolute truth, love and compassion needed as we march forward into the fog of our ‘times’, knowing that this light I speak of always wins the day. Love being the strongest force in the known Universe.

Have a splendid day folks!


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