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April 20, 2018

…programming perception

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sheer blue/azure skied, brilliant golden/white sun led, breezy, seasonally cool, thus temperate island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a beautiful early Spring morning here on this fabled sand bar that ‘time’ forgot. Broadcasting LIVE from the sacred shores of Craigville Beach, part of historically rich Centerville, on this Twentieth Day of April, 2018.  A Friday according to Reuters…


The show never stops, for to control mass ‘thinking’, one must capture their ATTENTION and PERCEPTION.

The hijacking of conscious awareness, which is all we really are ‘at the end of the day’, is the goal of the ‘powers that be’ presently. This is done via satanic Hollywood, scripted corporate television ‘news’ and ‘programs’, emerging technologies, i.e. ‘the smart phone’, wearable high tech, soon to be injected, through the mass deliverance of RFID, nano ’smart’ dusts, well, you get the idea. Enslaving one mind at a time, thus taking the body and soul with it, is Agenda 21/30, oh, that and the depopulation of the planet down to 500 million. Look to the “Georgia Guidestones” for more evidence of ‘the Elites’ intentions for the future of mankind and this planet in general… A species they despise, hence the obvious falling away from Source/Light/God.

Much of the world’s population now lives in a prison for the mind; most cut off from their God given gifts of critical thought, reason, passion, creativity, compassion, love, joy and all the other things that truly ARE of God, because they are slaves to money, now technology and the God of AI, ever mocked by those who believe in the way of Lucifer himself.

The all seeing EYE that is all the rage amongst young people these daze… For that is there, in the energy and potential of youth, where they get their TRUE power from.  Research child sacrifice via elites in power, you will be shocked. Why is it that children are taken from their parents loving arms at such a young age? To learn about Satan in the class? Learn all about the ‘fact’ they are not a boy, or a girl, but without gender?  That’s insane and cruel to children.  LGBT agenda is satanic to to the core, are you kidding with men in dresses, what is this a sick, twisted, hijacked Monty Python Mandela effect gone awry? How about the incredible number of deadly vaccines these depraved lunatics are subjecting children to, creating, by 2030, one in two kids having AUTISM?  Deadly vaccinations forced upon our most innocent treasures, our children, via the sadistic, satanic “New World Order” laws that only wish to cull;

not cure.

CONTROL of information people receive in today’s fast paced 5G digital age, shapes those perceptions. Our perceptions dictate our lives, i.e. religions, politics, ‘education’, therefore, when all the information is manipulated maliciously;

a fait Accompli.

To achieve that, “Illuminate and pals” next step in this devilish human ‘evolution’ is to connect the human mind to AI, or Artificial Intelligence, which, it turns out, is not artificial in the slightest. When the neural lace, RFID chips and all the other invasive nano dust weaponry are in place, and AI has taken over the five senses, via VR, virtual reality, thinking, dreaming etc., then AI becomes perception.

Thus, an end to the human race we now know it to be…

Make no mistake about it folks, this is as real as the pale white, crisscrossed chemical sky we all breathe in every day, yes sir!  AI is a reality for many already. It’s a slow boil, like putting a frog in a pot of warm water and turning the heat on low, eventually boiling the frog before he can jump out to save himself. Assimilation is the method of operation to attain this evil goal, via CIA issued, “Siri”, “Alexa” (Google, Amazon respectively), information robots created by D.A.R.P.A., the scary dark weapons agency extraordinaire.  All done under the radar while you and yours are distracted by what Trump tweeted as of late, stupid ‘investigations’, false flag events, insane celebrity ‘news’, etc., indeed while you sleep through your life, EVIL has entered it, via your own house, in the form of AI technology;

from dimensions beyond most comprehensions…

There is LIGHT at the end of the tunnel however. Jump into Nature as Earth Day approaches.

Leading ONE to connect with Divine.

UN-plug from satanic imitations of the real thing before it’s too late!


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