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January 23, 2015

“Pro Jock”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on another glorious winter day here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), lots going on all across this great country we all live in.  Never a dull moment, just ask Tom Brady of the New England Patriotshe’ll tell ya!

That’s right, all we need is another ‘blogger’ to weigh in on this deflated football controversy between the Superbowl bound, the XLIX, New England Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts, who were trounced by the much better coached team in that AFC Championship game this past Sunday night.  The disturbance, yet another one for the beleaguered NFL, has the whole country talking on this twenty-third day of January, 2015, a Friday to be sure, taking a long needed breather if you will from the constant talk about the Presidential race of 2016, ‘the Mitt & Jeb show’, as well as terrorism in general.

Although to be fair to real important goings on ’round the world, the news conference Tom Brady (quarterback for the Patriots), and Bill Belichick provided for the media/sports fan’s pleasure yesterday overshadowed (Yemen needs no more shadow), events going on in the Middle East, namely in war torn Yemen.  A country just to the south of Saudi Arabia where King Abdullah just passed at the age of ninety.  (may you rest in peace and may your successor, your brother, reconsider the fate of the blogger who was given ‘a thousand lashes’ for speaking out against what many would call an outdated and hypocritical regime when it comes to basic human rights, something our politicians ignore at their own peril in the future).

Yemen’s ’stable’ government fell yesterday in a coup to ‘the Houtis’, another extremist group that has and WILL give a safe haven to more terrorist groups like AQAP, (Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula), whose name was written all over the Charlie Hebdo killings a few weeks back in Paris.  The reality of this news has fallen on deaf ears because WE as a country are not interested in small details like that, although it is clear that there is little WE as a collective of 330 million “Americans” can really do, save ‘asking Congress’ to unleash the military industrial complex for yet another go at solving a conflict 1400 years old!

Unlike ISIL taking over vast areas in Iraq and Syria this past year or so to eek out territory, creating a ‘caliphate’ of some kind if you will–beheadings and other atrocities taking center stage in all of our collective consciousnesses, restringing the fears of old regarding that use of the word ‘terror’, harkening back to the old days of Bush WMD’s and mushroom clouds sparked by the fear and actions of a philosophy of one who spent lots of ‘time’ with Saudi princes before making a home in Afghanistan–this new territory will be a safe haven for terrorists to plot more spectacular attacks against the West.  And for what really?  What is the end game for these radical, soul less, murdering jackals?  To kill all of civilization until we bow down to their perverted form of Islam?  Not likely…

In time, may that violent hate/warped ideology burn out and vanish forever. All hate does eventually.

Thank God someone let the air out of those footballs at last week’s AFC Championship game, giving US all a break from these horrible questions and perceived threats looming over our relatively peaceful co-existence on this beautiful earth we all share for the moment!  Why not make it a good one? Go Patriots! If Paul Revere were on the team he would have not made such a big deal out of the affair, he simply would have said, “…if the referee was touching the footballs every down and did not notice any real difference, what difference could it possibly make?  Especially considering the score was so lopsided, a blowout by forty some odd points! Roger Goodell is making billions every year for the NFL, don’t you think they could hire someone to ‘watch over those golden, sacred golden balls’?  I know the owners are cheap, but come on!  What are your thoughts on the subject Sarah P.?”

Have a nice week end!


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