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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 2, 2021

preserve the wilderness…

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(click “ABOVE DECK” to listen!)

Greetings dear serfs, slaves, peasants, sad sorry fools for believing in US!

Indeed, ’tis “I”, Lord William Montague, ZA III, once again stealing that awful, horrible, ‘conspiracy theorist’ Mike Mosier, and his simple ‘do no harm’ “blog”, called ’seacapecod.net’…., what a shame he won’t be with US much longer, as his ‘reach’ for the TRUTH is setting too many STAR FISH back out into the Atlantic Ocean, to live free again, and SEA what WE are actually doing to HUMANITY!

Pity that, for his work is, and has, fallen on deaf, dumb and blind ‘ears’, if you please;

OUR censorship is complete, and concrete, thus, I have no desire to fall for his BELIEF!


‘Above deck’ you shall SEA what I speak of, lo, it was only 20 years ago, that these ‘Twin Towers’ became ‘The ONE “FREEDOM TOWER’ that rose, like the Phoenix, from the ashes, to become Lucifer in the central artery of the UN’s giant Muriel where the New World Order meets, to discuss plans for the ‘FINAL SOLUTION”…

So, sit back, don’t resist, and take your medicine, our new software from another dark dimension……..

After all, it’s for the public health.

YOU don’t want to be selfish now do you?

WE have all of the Greek alphabet to go, starting with the ‘Delta’ “variant”, HA!

You are the the dummier people WE have ever conquered.

Ta TA!

Love and Kisses!

Lord William Montague, III!!!!

(country gentleman)


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