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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 5, 2014

Pray for Polar Bears…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the once again bone chilling cold, snowy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this “5th” day of February, a white Wednesday here at the Hyannis Waterfront, trying to catch the Olympic Spirit this morning, with the games only 2 days away.  Russia will be hosting these winter athletic marvels in the resort town of Sochi, resting on the shores of the Black Sea…more on that Friday.  This week we have all been mourning the loss of one of the greats, Philip Seymour Hoffman, who died of an apparent heroin overdose sometime on Sunday; dying alone at his apartment in New York City.  Winning an Oscar for his role of Truman Capote in “Capote”, circa 2005, Hoffman marked fifty movies in his long career, but tragically short life, as he was only 46 when he passed from this earthly plane.  Most film critics would agree this was the actor of his generation with no one to fill that vacuum, leaving Hollywood just that much more “Transformer” like with one more sequel we all have to digest somehow.  God Speed and may you find that peace you were looking for~ Philip Seymour Hoffman ~ (1967-2014).  Moving ahead to happier things, yes that’s right!, we are going to speak of the Keystone Pipeline for a moment.  If the U.S. wishes to have a group of descendants that look favorably on our deeds in present day and ‘time’, I would implore the fine and good President to block this pipeline from going through.  It, like the recent Farm Bill that was passed by Congress (cutting 8 billion in food stamps for poor people, while promoting even more subsidies to wealthy farmers), is nothing more (with a few bells and whistles like literally 35 jobs, 35!, if the dirty pipeline is passed) than a boon for the oil and gas industry, with no benefits going to the people of this great land.  It will also lock this nation into a filthy energy policy for generations to come, while it promotes the use of tar sands oil that leaves a bigger carbon footprint than sweet crude.  Moreover, this pipeline is only being built so that it can go from the pristine forests of Alberta where it is being mined, through Montana, down into Nebraska, south to Louisiana where it would be loaded onto ships headed for China or the highest bidder, thereby not increasing our oil reserves at all, this being a global commodity that cares nothing about the United States or it’s people, let alone it’s future.  Many say these tar sands will be mined anyway, so we should just go ahead and build it, you know for safety, as it is safer than carrying oil on rail.  However, if we don’t build the pipeline, those dirty sands will stay in the ground, for even Canada, in particular British Columbia, a province to the west of Alberta, has shut down the idea of running a pipeline through that gorgeous topography.  So why should this nation take on that risk?  Money and lots of it for the most powerful industry on the planet–the oil and gas industry.  They are destroying our world in so many different ways it is hard to keep up.  I suggest your first homework assignment is to sign up for the CARBON CAPTURE REPORT–it will tell you everything you need to know.  Pretty soon there won’t be any water in California, as this drought is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ so to speak.  The climate is not only warming, but changing permanently, as the weather patterns shift, creating massive, devastating droughts like the one we are experiencing right now in that great state of California, where this reporter lived for 20 years.  It breaks my heart to see the Sierra Nevada mountains bone dry, not to mention the reservoirs, the vineyards to the north and the dry coastal mountains to the south.  One hundred years from now, our grand kids kids will not be talking about Chris Christie’s political power grab, nor will they care about David Wildsteins’ evidence that proved the Governor of New Jersey shut down the lanes to the George Washington Bridge, while he lied about the fact he knew anything about it, adding in a little manipulation of Federal super storm Sandy relief monies, as tens of thousands of Jersey shore residents are still wondering when they will get the money to rebuild–15 plus months after the devastating Nor’easter around Halloween of 2012.  We have the technology to ween ourselves from the addiction to oil and like any addiction, it is at first very painful to address and subsequently go through the withdrawals.  However, there is no way out BUT through.  We cannot put our collective heads in the sand, like so many Ostriches, and DENY, “I had no knowledge of the lane closures…” (credit Chris Christie), that global warming is happening, right NOW!!!  This bloody Keystone pipeline is just one more example of our “abject stupidity” (credit Chris Christie), did he just call me stupid?, as a species, killing the priceless environment that sustains our very lives!  And like the Polar Bear you SEA above you, our fate will eventually go along the same path, perhaps not today, but soon if WE as a collective race, the human race, do not stand up to these insane insatiable global corporate monsters who, like a shark, need to constantly move and feed (PROFIT) or they “perish”.  But unlike a real shark, they take much more than they need, ever raping and pillaging our beautiful land, air and waters; buying politicians who are meant to protect and serve their citizenry, as the masses starve and the world becomes a giant hot cesspool.  Too much?  Wake up to reality folks, this is the NEWS and the more we educate our children to the SINS of this and previous generations, the better.  Do not sign onto the easy passage of this bloody Keystone Pipeline Mr. President, it is a bad precedent for future generations.  Please visit nokeystone.org and educate yourself to what is really at stake here, namely our autonomy and power over big oil and gas corporations that only serve to make profit, sometimes pollute and act as the PROBLEM, not the solution, to this generations’ environmental problems as well as countless future generations, for the more water you taint with your poisonous chemicals (596 in the FRACKING process for ‘natural gas’), the more oil you spill into our rivers, lakes, oceans, bays, sounds, gulfs, estuaries and streams, killing wildlife and eventually people, well, the more our children’s children will suffer and say to themselves, “…were they all on crack?”. It will not matter if they are rich or poor.  Black or white.  Gay or straight.  Jew or gentile.  They will only see the rising of the seas, stronger storms, more devastating droughts and wildfires, dying species (one after the other) of plant and animal, with clean and available water impossible for many to find and food being harder to grow bringing on mass famines as they, like school shootings, become commonplace.  Is this the future you want TEA PARTY spokesperson, or should I say corporate spokesperson, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas or Rand Paul of Kentucky?  Oh, that’s right, you can’t argue with crazy people or get a real answer out of them, for they will just offer up a robotic knee jerk reaction. Blurting out, sometimes with a red, sweaty face, “Benghazi!” or “IRS”  or “Obamacare, Obamacare, Obamacare!”, like some deranged African Gray parrot…  But you might be able to stop the looting (by some corporations and the politicians that are in bed with them) of our birth right as citizens of the United States of America, namely the beautiful bounty of the land, air and water, that is, at present moment FREE to ALL, just as God and the forefathers intended it to be.  Have a nice day folks and steer clear of the wooden nickles tossed about via FOX “NEWS” (n.i.n.o., or news in name only), they offer zero value– serving only to confuse it’s victims by lying to that block of at least 50 percent of the American television audience, while convincing the flock to vote against their own best interests every day of the week, well done FOX president and CEO Roger Ailes, you knucklehead!…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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