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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 19, 2011

Powerful Light

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, foggy island of Nantucket!  Great to be back with you on this Wednesday morning, the nineteenth day of October, 2011, a day that is shaping up to be a soaker, as the rains moving up from the south will drench the entire Cape with heavy downpours all day, a good day to thank the many LIGHT houses that adorn our shores from Nantucket’s Brant Point, Sankaty and Great Point, to the Cape’s Coastguard Light, as seen above in Chatham, Nausset, and Sandy Neck…for they, largely symbolically now, guide our vessels to shore, with a LIGHT revealing the true nature of the dangers that lie between them and the safety of that shore, by way of exposing those sand bars, rocks and the like, guiding them, like the stars above, to the place we ALL like to be–HOME. WE, as a nation, are largely ‘at float’ in a sea of apathy, disproportionate wealth appropriated in a rigged system of so called ‘capitalism’, and an overall lack of conviction, and hence, political will, to do anything that is RIGHT by the true American people, the ninety nine percent of this 308 million PEOPLE strong nation, who do most of the living and dying in ‘these here parts’… On day 33 of “Occupy Wall Street” we, here at seacapecod.net, salute your amazing efforts, as this movement, anyone not living under a rock already knows, has become much more than a mere protest, for it has morphed into a primal scream that is now calling out the system, headed by the big banks that are, as I write these words, reporting (because they, at the moment, have to) HUGE earnings, or PROFITS, with some banking firms reporting billions, compared to a year ago where they actually broke even, or, as in the case of Bank of America, lost money, but thanks to the new ‘five dollar foot long’ practice of nickling and diming to death  the American consumer, kicking them when they are down if you will, they are reporting profits of, I believe it was in the neighborhood of 5.9 billion, yes, that’s right, a PROFIT, in one year, of almost 6 BILLION dollars!  How did they arrive at such a healthy number?  Simple math, for when you have the luxury of borrowing money at O percent interest, free money, from the Federal Reserve, and turning around and lending it to the world at 10-20 percent, you have a pretty good chance of making a good living in the banking industry.  Meanwhile, the rest of the American People are struggling with how to put food on the table, how to keep their kids in the crumbling school they attend, with growing class sizes and other social problems, while worrying about keeping a roof over their collective heads, as these banks foreclose one house after another, by the tens of thousands, sending many out in the streets after living an entire lifetime in one place–it is enough to break your heart. Oh, wait, I almost forgot, people like David and Charles Koch don’t have a heart, nor do the puppets under their employment (I’m looking at you Eric, “you go girl”, Cantor (R-VA)), and that is the beauty of “Occupy”, for it brings all of this to LIGHT and places the ‘ner de wells‘ in a position where they have no place to hide, save the islands, Cayman style, where they stow all of the money they fleeced from America, via it’s people, land, air, water and wildlife…for they will, eventually, and they know it, be EXPOSED for who and what they are–THIEVES, thieves who should be brought to JUSTICE, if only we had a Justice department that was doing it’s f#$king job, for where else could one rip off grandma and grandpa and get a bonus at the end of the year?  Only in America folks, land of the grifter and home of the hedge fund managing scum bag…  “Hope it’s a nice coffee shop Jack” (credit, once again, the classic film, “Midnight Run”, a must see cult classic, starring the great Robert De Niro and the very funny Charles Grodin).  Have a nice day folks and keep on avoiding the poison over at Rupert, arrrggghhhh matie!, Murdoch’s FOX NEWS’ ‘Tokyo Rose’ station of choice, as they call 99 percent of the American People, who make up the microcosm of that macrocosm, ‘communists, Nazi’s and scum bags’, a classic ‘paging Dr. Freud moment’ for guys like Steve Ducey, one of the clown ‘anchors’ on Fox & Friends’, the morning news show that is sure to, unlike MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, encourage it’s viewers to upchuck their Danish/and or Fruit Loops, unable to control the vomit as it spews all over their brand new tie…in other words, if you wish to keep your ingested nutrients on the inside, steer clear of that ‘news’ station, for it is not news, nor is it ‘fair or balanced’–it is mind controlling NONSENSE!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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