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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 28, 2010

Polar Bears “r” US

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good, as always, to be with you on another warm and windy morning here on Cape.  I pray that you and yours are warm and safe wherever you may be.  The Polar Bear that you see above, adorns a popular gift shop in the middle of Cape Cod proper, as he has sat outside, weather permitting, every day since I moved back to the Cape over 5 years ago.  Sometimes, he is wearing sunglasses, which is appropriate, considering the fact that the, “greatest hoax ever played on the American people”, courtesy of our friend James, “she’ll be comin’ round the mountain when she comes,” Inhofe (R-OK), ever warming climate syndrome (via carbon dioxide, methane emissions globally) is half way through melting the polar ice cap, along with Greenland, huge chunks of the Antarctic, and every glacier, including the Himalayan Glaciers, on planet earth.  As the Polar Bear goes, so goes man…  Of course, this is not even on the republican tea party’s radar screen, as they are busy spreading falsehoods and misinformation to win back the House of Representatives and possibly the Senate in the upcoming mid-term elections this fall.  One of the biggest lies the RTP claims is the one about the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest two percent in this country, where they have positioned themselves into recreating (courtesy of the Texas Board of Education?) sound economic reasoning, via numbers, and we all know, numbers don’t lie, (unless they are made up by republican strategists).  Job creation is ultimately tied to GDP, or gross national product– the money that the country made as a whole over the course of a year.  The “new” Lemon (credit Keith Olbermann for that and the data in today’s commentary) Pledge to America’s, via the republican party, central goal is to freeze the temporary tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, adding close 4.1 trillion dollars to the national debt over the next ten years, and freezing spending on everything from infrastructure to schools, police/fire to social programs, all programs that ADD to the overall economy, not take away FROM it.  The Economic Policy Institute, or EPI, estimates that, if the Bush tax cuts are extended for the wealthiest among us, it would only add 12.2 billion dollars to the overall GDP number.  A literal drop in the bucket, compared to the 700 billion dollars it would drain from the coffers of the nation on whole.  With the spending freeze, except, of course, on defense spending, going BACKWARDS to 2008 levels of spending, a 23 percent cut, the country’s, on whole, GDP would lose 183.2 billion dollars, a net loss of 171 billion dollars…again, that is 171 billion dollars taken right off the top of the GDP of the United States of America.  That is a 1.1 percent drop of next year’s estimated GDP, and if you take the generally agreed upon FACT that 1 percent of the GDP equals 1 million jobs, logic would conclude that, if the republicans win this argument over an immoral tax code serving the richest Americans, this country would lose 1.1 million jobs in the bargain.  Every economist who is worth his grain of salt will tell you that tax cuts for the rich are the worst way to stimulate the economy, as opposed to stimulating from the bottom up, where for every dollar invested, brings a return of $1.75, is actually attained, whereas with the wealthiest, that savings from the tax breaks goes into savings or investments, not normally into the general economy itself.  Who are these republicans trying to fool?  Add to that the fact that the argument about “it will hurt the small businesses out there”, has now been debunked, as those small businesses, it turns out, include hedge fund managers who make upwards of one billion dollars a year, Fortune 100 companies like Bechtel, Koch industries, the Chicago Tribune, and countless other “S” corporations, that qualify as a “small business” only because of the corrupt tax code that only serves that top 2 percent, you have all the ingredients you need to create a TRUE PLUTOCRACY. Want proof, let us look at some history, shall we?  When George W. Bush stole the election, or rather the Supreme Court stole the election away from Al Gore in 2000, the unemployment level was at 3.9 percent.  In June of 2001, when the tax cuts were signed into law, the unemployment number GREW to 5.5 percent, and after the 2003 tax cuts, it grew even higher to 6.3 percent.  Only in 2006, at the height of the housing bubble, did the unemployment number go back down to 4.4 percent, and we all know what happened after the bubble burst… To quote “W” ’s father, “Luke, I am your father…” ooops, wrong movie, “VOODOO economics indeed.” No one with half a brain and a full heart could argue these FACTS with a straight face.  It is just another example of the kind of men and women you, the real “American People”, will be inviting back into your lives, should you choose one of the RTP candidates in the fall.  They are all in lock step with the corporate mantra of “profit over people” and will do anything, including what Sharron “Angle” has called for, “second amendment remedies”, to get their way, and, as with most bullies, they must be called out for who and what they really are– ruthless, sharks (no offense to natural sharks around the world) who care nothing for the well being of the people they were hired to protect and serve.  Taking it a step further, would just as soon slam dunk your head into the cement as look at you.  Trust me, I have some experience with this violent tendency of the right wing (nut) coalition in our fair country.  Look to the motive of these politicians and see who they really work for… “the man behind the curtain.” Have a nice day folks!     PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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