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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 19, 2009

Polar Bear

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This is Chamois, one of my clients, who is actually a Standard Poodle.  The Standard Poodle is on par with a Border Collie in regard to intelligence, with a 350 word vocabulary, I have better conversations with Shammy here than most people.  I am sure a lot of folks out there agree.  Anyone who owns a dog or cat knows this–unconditional love.  There is no substitute for love and of all the dogs and cats I have had thus far, 3 Golden Retrievers, one Newfoundland, one Mastiff and one Great Dane and now a black lab, 2 Maine Coon Cats and a yellow tabby I am thinking about an Alpaca Farm–I am serious, I met some when I lived out in Colorado and they behaved much like a dog or a well trained cat.  A big shout out to California and my Grandma who is 103!  She got a chance to read this fascinating “blog” that I write every day and I am so grateful to my cousin Pam and my Aunt Marilyn who live in southern California and visit her in San Pedro, California where the “Little Sisters of the Poor”, an order of the Catholic church, take such excellent care of her.  There is nothing in the world I get more heated up about than elder care and the way this country should be taking care of her aging citizens.  More about that later.  My grandma wanted a picture of my dog, so I better get a hard copy in the mail to her…Have a great day and to anyone who has a birthday today–Happy Birthday and God Bless.  Peace M

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