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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 17, 2009

Polar Bear Wish

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As the confusion and turmoil erupts in Copenhagen, Denmark today regarding the single most important issue facing the human race, with tens of thousands of protesters taking to the streets in the normally quiet Scandinavian city, it may be worthwhile to comprehend exactly what we are really talking about here…the preservation of PLANET EARTH.  With the debate now shifting to helping developing nations in new green technologies, world leaders are descending upon the small hamlet of Denmark.  From the United States of America, represented by President Barack Obama, to small developing countries like Maldives, whose leader proclaimed yesterday that if something is not truly done, his country will be “doomed”…it is clear to see that countries are more interested in their own individual jingoistic rights, as opposed to the fact that we are all in this together.  Global warming, or climate change, to the tune of the polar ice caps vanishing within five years, raising sea levels two to three feet, is not only going to affect wealthy nations, but more to the point, it will devastate poorer ones…forcing millions of refuges across “boarders” and putting more strain on an already overloaded system.  Like the health care crisis in this country, championed by heroes like Keith Olberman, the “banking industry, a.k.a. “Casino Royal”, or the crumbling economy bereft of jobs that last, not to mention the wars on foreign soil, the problems of the world will only be solved if we as a collective extension of GOD himself make the decision, for the good of all, to rectify it.  If you start with the TRUTH, and as William Shakespeare said over 500 years ago, “the truth shall set you free”, everything else follows suit. But the powers that be, at the moment, are not interested in doing any such thing.  The margin of profit is not bound by higher morals, attended by our higher selves, higher angels and higher authority…it is a blind shark, only interested in feeding at the expense of everything else in the ocean of life.  The world is now captive to these “powers”.  Yet everything changes, especially the wicked, for in the end LIGHT eliminates darkness, a darkness that has held onto to power for too long… Have a wonderful Thursday!  Peace~ M

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