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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 18, 2010

Polar Bear Play

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From the sandy beaches of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, I bid you a fair adieu!  The sporadic showers continue today, with the lighting mirroring the image posted above you.  It seems we don’t get enough “play time” in this country, although don’t ask the good folks at Goldman Sachs for any sympathy.  The “investment bank” was rocked less than 48 hours ago by a fraud case that involved a hedge fund manger by the name of Paulson, no relation to the former Treasury secretary Hank Paulson (or is there?), and the top executives at the firm.  It seems that the honest brokers were involved with making bets on securities that both the hedge fund and the firm knew would fail, resulting in billions of dollars lost, effecting investors, 401(K)’s, and a complete melt down of trust that may have still existed within the casino like environment that Wall Street has become.  Add to this the P.O.N., who has gathered 41 of it’s bravest Senators to fight any form of Wall Street/Banking reform, even under the damning light that has just shined down on the shady business of ripping off Main Street to keep the status quo in place.  Boom, Bust and Bailout is alive and well, with the President in the unenviable position of explaining his position to the American people.  Therefore, he will have to battle the war of words that are spun from dark caves like “word doctors” and key players like Frank Luntz, who will muddy the waters with lies and propaganda with the aim of maintaining a shell game system of legalized gambling that rewards the wealthiest… while leaving the 95 percent of Americans without access to the “game”–high and dry.  It amazes me how effective the strategists have become, bending truth like Superman bends steel, helping the typical American find his wallet, when all along having stolen it to begin with.  The P.O.N. is a scam, a joke, a criminal organization that is only interested in the “mission” of getting America back to where it once was–a segregated, homophobic society that serves the corporation and the almighty dollar (a history that only goes back to the era of Ronald Reagan and his deregulation of the financial industry).  We, collectively, must take a stand against such tyranny, hiding behind a pin stripped suit, and pass substantial financial reform before the seeds of plutocracy take root.  The history that these clowns quote is dead wrong, made up and then packaged for republican Senators and congressman alike.  They are then encouraged to “speak their minds”, or rather talk to the “talking points” with thousands of cameras paying attention, and thus, pulling the wool over the eyes of the typical American citizen.  This is a well oiled machine that is highly dedicated, well financed, organized and full of power, for it has tapped into the central theme that so few seem to talk about these days–pure, unadulterated racism.  The P.O.N. has tapped into the anger and deep rooted fear of black America that still exists today in the United States of America.  How is it that 45 years after the words of Martin Luther King Jr., raining down like gospel in the streets of Birmingham, Alabama, that we are still a racist society?  Education.  Or rather, the lack therein.  If fifty percent of Americans get their news from sources as slimy as FOX News, then we as a nation have taken a big step backwards in regard to how we treat each other–let alone true social justice, basic human rights and an even playing field that the “American Dream” was based on to begin with.  Goldman Sachs is the purest example of what is wrong with America, in that it represents the very wealthiest clientele in the world and yet feels that “it” does not have to play by the same rules as everybody else.  This is kindergarten stuff.  This is child’s play.  But, it is not Polar Bear play… Have a blessed Sunday folks!  Peace~ M

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