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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 16, 2009

Polar Bear

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What it is to be a Polar Bear…alone, free in the arctic tundra, being one with all that IS and all that will be.  Polar ice and ice cream gives the children a smile on a sunny, summer day…how are the lucky ones who know the Polar Bear?  How lucky indeed.  For be it a symbol of the LOVE that surrounds this magnificent resident of a local gift shop here on Cape Cod, or the visual of a massive 2000 pound, 12 foot high bear that has paws the size of basketballs, matters not.  The LOVE that surrounds the thought and hence. the FEELING of a Polar Bear is all that really matters, For God created that magnificent animal, just as he did the stars and the moon, the gentle zephyr that blows on a small but powerful July morning, so small that it makes the world itself seem to be less than a grain of sand on a beach somewhere ON NANTUCKET.  What is it to be a Polar Bear?  Alone, afraid and not knowing the future and what it may hold?   Perhaps, it is answered in the surrender and peace that is represented in this picture of the symbol of one of God’s greatest gifts to US ALL–The Polar Bear, holding on to no fear, embracing only LOVE.    See you on Sunday.   Peace M

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