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July 29, 2015

“Plastics; enough said…”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, very warm, humid island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on this hot Wednesday–high noon-the 29th day of July, 2015.  Sea Cape Cod would like to say just a few words, well, one really, “…plastics, enough said”. (credit the classic 1965 film, “The Graduate”, starring Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft).

Living life on planet earth involves risk.  Some taking more than others by drinking, smoking, riding big waves or base jumping, all decisions made by the individual; hence the reward or consequence.

“But what of the risks that are hidden from US by corporations only concerned with the bottom line?  Corporations that force us to contaminate ourselves and our children with dangerous chemicals day in and day out?  Corporations that make US all participate in “The Human Experiment”… (credit quotes to said documentary; Sean Penn narrating after all).

FACT: Since 1975 Breast Cancer rates have gone up more than 30% in women and men… WHY?

Why are healthy women who take good care of themselves getting sick? Why are they getting cancer at such alarming rates?

FACT: 7.3 million American couples have trouble conceiving or carrying to term.  A 49% increase since 1988, with the biggest increase being among women 25 years old or younger, again, begging the question WHY?

FACT: In 1999, 1 in 500 kids had autism.  As 2012, that number is now 1 in 88.  Why?

FACT: Over the past 45 years, alarming increases have occurred in the following childhood diseases–childhood brain cancer: up 38%, asthma: up 80%, leukemia in children: up 74%, early onset puberty: up 55%, ADHD: up 53%, genital deformities in baby boys: up 122%.  WHY?

“All of these diseases have been on the rise since the dawn of the modern chemical revolution.  Over the last 400 years, thousands of chemicals have been introduced into our society.  80,000 chemicals are currently on the market in the United States, they’re in everything from curtains, to upholstery, to furniture; the makeup or the shaving cream you used this morning… Electronics, cleaners, the very materials used to build your home.  42 billion pounds of chemicals enter American commerce everyday, or the equivalent of  623,000 tanker trucks full!”

“Over the past half century, chemical use has gone up over 2000%.  Chemicals surround us, they are inside of us.  Most of these chemicals are not tested for their safety because the chemical industry in America does not have to prove a chemical is safe before they put it on the market.  Like an American defendant in a courtroom, the chemical is innocent until proven guilty.”

“…the biggest concern I have is our astounding ignorance about the effects of most of the chemicals that are in commerce.  We don’t even know what’s in our furniture, our body washes, shampoos, makeup, lotions…” (Dr. Megan Schwarzman, physician and research scientist, University of California School of Public Health).

We are doing something profound to our physiology, especially when you take the magnitude of the millions upon millions of people around the world that are going to be directly affected by these chemicals.  The Environmental “protection” Agency, or EPA, is in ‘charge’ of ‘regulating’ the chemical industry, quite laughable really if one were to comprehend the power of the chemical lobby in Washington D.C., indeed, this ‘fearless’ regulating arm is charged with enforcing an unenforceable toothless 1976 “Toxic Substance Control Act”, passed into ‘law’ in that same year.  64,000 chemicals already in existence and then and in use, thus deemed as ’safe’ because they were, as stated, ‘in existence and in use already’, therefore, grandfathered and untouchable, as many public health and environmental groups have discovered.  Because of this outdated and insane law, the EPA really has no teeth to speak of, not being able to get past the original hurdle of the grandfathering of these chemicals, like asbestos, let alone the mighty power of the American Chemical Association, who spends millions every year lobbying ‘law’ makers in D.C…

This trade association of a 720 billion dollar a year industry represents the big players, such as Dow, DuPont, Koch Industries, ExxonMobil, Shell, BASF, and over a hundred others, with it’s lobbying arm in Washington D.C. spending over 65 plus million annually to LIE to a U.S. Congress that is clearly not ‘for the people’ in the slightest, rather for corporate interests 100 percent of the time. Yet another striking example of profit over people. Tragically, those same in the dark Americans getting sicker by the day!

Health advocates are struggling against a formidable opponent indeed.  With the “four dog defense” always working for the chemical industry and many others in full throttle.  Telling the public, number one, “…my dog doesn’t bite”: translation? a corporation stating it’s products are not harmful.  Mostly by discrediting studies that prove otherwise.  But when the evidence that it is harmful becomes to powerful, via public outcry, corporations evoke the second dog, stating, “…my dog bites, but he didn’t bite you.” At this time industry concedes it’s products are harmful, but no worries, the products that are harmful are not used by the vast majority of the citizenry, thus should cause no great concern.  “My dog bit you, but he didn’t hurt you.” In this third defense used by corporate law firms, industry says it has exposed chemicals to public, but they have not hurt you, thus placing the burden of proof once again on the American victim. Fourth dog defense, “…my dog bit you and hurt you, but it was not our fault.”  In this classic cowardly move, industry admits fault, but states that ‘they’ did not make you smoke those Camels, and that it, the corporation, cannot be held responsible, and with an army of high priced corporate law firms as the real defense, well, you would have better luck in Russia my friend.

Patricia Hunt, a scientist at Washington State University was doing research on mice in the 1990’s and discovered that the females were aborting their young at alarming rates.  Upon further study, she concluded that Bispenol a, or BPA, was somehow getting into the system of the mice.  Was coming from the plastic bottles the mice drank from?  BPA is one of the highest volume chemicals produced in the world today, with it’s beginnings back in the 50’s, the chemical originally used as a miscarriage preveter.  Eventually plastics research scientists discovered the magical properties of BPA on plastic products, as it’s coating is extremely clear, allowing one to look right through it, plus the fact it was shatter proof.  Soon, just about everything was being made with the chemical...everything.

In the1990’s, mothers around the country were up in arms about possible problems with baby bottles–plastic–but thanks to industry scum like CEO of the ACC, “Mr. Dooly”, the poison is still on the market today.  BIG TIME!  Even though many other nations around the globe have banned this toxic chemical from being exposed to their general public.

“It is troubling to see so many issues that you’d think we should learn from go mostly ignored by our elected leaders.  You go through classic examples of real mistakes–asbestos, tobacco, lead, bottled chloride–where we allowed these industries to get away with murder.”

Dr. David Rosner,  Center for the History & Ethics of Public Health, Columbia University

“When you look at the organized campaigns these industries are putting out there, they are basically just using the old Tobacco Industry playbook”.

Introduction of doubt began in the 1950’s and has not stopped since. One can see that at work everyday in the United States, employing the weapons proven to work time and time again; such as  deception and distraction employed by PR firms like Hill and Knowlton with great success.  Depending on one’s viewpoint of course…

This began the great conspiracy of industry hell bent on profit over the health and well being of it’s own customer base.  Seeing them as marks on a ledger rather than living breathing human beings.  This all designed to keep the American public confused~forever in the dark. For the horrible tobacco industry, it was “like the genome that spread death throughout the world.”

“I thought you said your dog didn’t bite?”

“That’s not my dog”

(credit the late, great Peter Sellers, from the classic 1975 film, “The Return of the Pink Panther”).

Have a nice day!


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