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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 27, 2010

Pink Spring!

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  On a wet and windy day here in Osterville, I hope you are well and safe wherever you may be this morning…  Yesterday, as predicted by many, the cloture vote to begin debate on the obvious question of financial reform in this country was shot down by the P.O.N..  The sticking points were as follows–one, the gangsters do not want any oversight on derivatives or, more to the point, the 600 trillion dollars being traded in the dark via “credit default swaps”.  Two, the Republicans do not want the big banks to be split up, or reduced in size, thus, maintaining the status quo of “too big to fail”.  Three, the “party of no” does not want a minimum capital requirement put in place for these large institutions.  To sum up, the Republican party in the year 2010, does not want ANY real reform, just like the health care debate, as programmed and commanded by the “powers that be” such as Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs.  The leader and CEO of the most celebrated casino on Wall Street contended yesterday that his firm did not mislead, strike that, LIE to investors that the “BIG SHORT” was on–the FACT that these criminal institutions bet on the collapse of the housing market in 2007 and early on in 2008.  With 63-65 percent of the GDP in this country, the large banks have power over the political machine of Washington D.C. and even after the near collapse of the world economy, we don’t seem to have leaders in our nation’s Capitol to stand up to these thieves and demand justice.  The strategists, the powers themselves and the crooked P.O.N. puppets have no desire to share in the hard work of rebuilding this great country, they have no concern that the planet is on the brink of natural disasters of true biblical proportions, nor do they care that violent rhetoric can bloom into fruition–they designed it that way!  We have gone beyond giving them the benefit of the doubt.  It is time for the citizens in this country to become enlightened as to the reality on the ground, before this country turns into a Nazi Germany police state.  The recent outrage over the passage of a bill demanding “papers” from human beings who are walking inside the boarders of Arizona, has brought to light the real agenda of the P.O.N… bringing the country back to Medieval times.  Soon we will see pitch forks and torches, the seas will rage and the Spirit will find another home.  Is this what we want?  Are we going to let a few well dressed wolves destroy what our forefathers fought and died for–the true United States of America, once known for it’s compassion and Love for its fellow man?  Compassion is now a four letter word to the P.O.N. and the racists who follow them under the guise of a “tea party movement” have finally found a voice for all the hatred that has been resonating in their hearts for so long…  WAKE UP AMERICA! For the Love of God, your fellow man and the planet as a whole–WAKE UP! Have a blessed Tuesday folks!  Peace~ M

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