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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 6, 2009

Pink and Green

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My deck in Osterville has a southern exposure, so the flowers are still vibrantly alive and as you can see clearly in the image above, giving the sense of sight the cool color scheme of pink and green.  Many people are struggling with pink slips from their release of employment from companies that they may have worked years for…from the town of Flint, Michigan, where automobile manufacturing has dried up like the resevoirs of the west, to countless other small towns where small businesses find it impossible to compete with a global market commanded by corporate giants like Walmart and Madison avenue clientele of every shape, size and color.  Green is a soothing color that can be represented by what our ultimate goal should be, respecting our home, for the “time” being, EARTH.  How can we create enough food for ALL to eat?  How can we best create an economy that does not systematically destroy the home we work so hard to maintain to begin with?  These are not  colossal, cosmic logical leaps.  These are simple, practical questions we should all be asking our elected representatives about.  Copenhagen is just around the corner, the global conference on climate change in December, and collectively, this country should be leading in the effort, as opposed to just barely following.  Have a great Tuesday!  Peace, M

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