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May 10, 2012

Peaceful Evolution

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, warm island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you on this Thursday morning, the 10th day of May, 2012, still raining on Cape, with clearing expected in the afternoon hours, a soaking rain that left many gardeners, land owners, farmers and other foul weather enthusiasts (wildlife of all kinds) very happy indeed… Yesterday, around three eastern here in the U.S., President Barack Obama made history when going on ABC NEWS in an exclusive interview, on record for the whole world to hear, that his ‘evolution’ over the rights of gay men and women to Love, marry and have as many rights as ‘regular’ couples has finally come full circle, agreeing those folks have as many rights as heterosexual couples…  An historic move, especially considering that it is an election year where the stakes of taking any stand on important social issues are so high, none so much as taking the stand on whether a marriage is ‘between a man and a woman’ only, something that was already philosophically shot down by dismissing the whole ‘defense of marriage act’ only a couple of moons ago.  The issue is not whether this contentious modern day dilemma revolves around ‘religious rights’, rights that can be construed in as many ways as their are said religious institutions, rather, it is an issue of Civil Rights, where a Federal government will eventually make it clear that nowhere within the wisdom of OUR U.S. Constitution does it declare ANYTHING about marriage being defined in any way shape or form–historically, it has only been the job of religious organizations that JUDGE it so.  Mark most scholars words, this Evolution, proving Darwin’s theory of Evolution correct once again, will be remembered and carefully documented by historians, said scholars, politicians and pundits alike for decades, remembering that only a few short twenty years ago, then President Bill Clinton signed into law the much maligned “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy for the military that seemed to seep into the public sector as well, a policy that was also recently done away with in congress, allowing our men and women in uniform to serve openly in the military, with no chance of retaliation from the brass.  For far too long gays and lesbians have been discriminated against for who they LOVE, and not the work and overall character they provide day in and day out.  Whether or not this will hurt Obama in November is any one’s guess, but most of the many bright minds in this great country agree that if Romney wants to have this irrelevant social issue on the front burner, like the REAL war on women’s rights, along with his taking credit of the Detroit bailout??… well, then, God Bless America, because he will just prove to all of those on the fence (independents) that not only is he a throw back to the era of the 1950’s and the popular TV show Mad Men, but would probably not tell you his real position until he was in office, when it will be too late to do anything about it. Hats off the President Obama!!! For yet another example of not only his great leadership qualities, but also his courage, courage and integrity that will translate into younger voters, women voters and voters with half a brain to come out in record numbers, KNOWING what is at stake here. A good example of what is at stake here is our buddy and old pal, U.S. Representative extraordinaire from the great state of Texas, Mr. Joe, “I apologize to the CEO of bp for the mean things congress said about your massive f up in the Gulf of Mexico two years ago”, Barton, (who went on “The Martin Bashir Show”, great sea every week day at 3 p.m., eastern, only on MSNBC) gave his answer to why Planned Parenthood should be done away with, a program of vital importance that covers critical medical procedures for poor women in that state and all over the country, millions of them, not to mention the extremely popular and morally correct program of “Meals on Wheels”–a program designed to feed the poorer elderly in that state as well as poor children.  Why he, and the rest of the republican congress with NO HEART, why are they all hell bent on cutting those vital safety net programs, when they could reach a compromise that just might save their collective souls?  Never answering the question, “why can’t we just cut the subsidies for gas and oil companies to ‘pay for it’?”…  Barton’s response: “Ah, well, er, heeeyuck, ummm, er, can someone get me a donut, too early for flap jacks? and do you validate parking?”… Yes, I believe that was his brilliant answer, the perfect example of a bought and paid for stooge of big business ‘running’ our country.  If you like them apples, then by all means, vote Romney in the fall, for he will give you much more than that, lowering tax rates even MORE for the wealthy, while adopting the ‘Ryan’ plan designed to slash Medicaid, Medicare (turning into a bogus ‘voucher’ program that would not even pay for three days in a hospital according to most experts), destroy any semblance of the already faltering Frank-Dodd bill, a bill unfortunately faltering due to vultures on Capitol Hill in the form of lobbyists who work for the big corporate interests that have almost hijacked our democracy forever, hopefully turning into a plutocracy, and finally taking out the EPA and the department of Education for good, leaving our children and grandchildren with a cesspool of a country, with little to no clean drinking water, filthy air and a gutted wilderness so that high priced gated communities can house the .001 percent, hermetically sealed in a bubble of indifference, ignorance and devoid of any compassion for their fellow citizens, let alone their fellow man.  “Let Detroit go bankrupt” was the headline only a few short months ago, and yet now, Mitt, seems to think he had something to do with it’s healthy state today.  Just how stupid do you think the American people ARE Mitt? You seem like a good man, but that good man is being duped by too many strategists who are pulling you in too many directions, asking you to speak out of both sides of your mouth, a move that does not inspire LEADERSHIP nor push a country forward (like our competitors around the industrialized world), into FAIR policies that will pull this country out of a depression that the average man or woman on the streets struggling to make ends meet feel every moment of the long day…for they and their families would say this truly is happening right NOW! All begging the question, “how are you sir, going to bring back jobs to America when you yourself, via Bain Capital here in Boston, shipped many of those jobs overseas, just in order to make a buck?”  The world may never know. Have a great day folks, stay dry and clear of those poisonous wooden nickles offered up by FOX NEWS, ‘news’ that rarely contains any value, nor does it buy any integrity--for integrity is, by definition, the CORE of who and what you ARE! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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