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April 14, 2011

Peace out!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you, as always, and I sincerely mean that, for after being on the great “Jordan Rich Show” this past Friday night–on WBZ/CBS radio out of Boston, (broad-casted in 38 states and five countries) a show that I would HIGHLY recommend, for Jordan is not only a great interviewer, but an extraordinary man, whom I consider to be a good friend–I feel a deep sense of gratitude to all I have reached in this daily commentary.  I want to again thank him for inviting me on his most excellent show, and look forward, knock on wood, to speak with him again soon.  The reason I bring that up, again, is to also say a BIG thank you to all of you who have been reading this daily “message in a bottle”, born out of the need to send a postcard from Cape Cod and the Islands, a place I love so much, and share, without commercial interruptions, and without any Madison Avenue advertising, the Knowledge I have and try and make this world a better place for ALL…because, as President Obama said only yesterday in a stellar speech I will get to in a minute, “There but for the GRACE of GOD go I.” “Taking Fog to Nantucket”, my novel that will be coming out in May or June of this year, speaks to that notion of gratitude and the very fact that I am alive again, after almost losing my own life through the violent actions of another, the violent actions of one who is supposed to “protect and serve”, a member of the Nantucket Police Department. Bullies are all around us, and that is exactly what Paul Ryan’s “Path to Prosperity” represents.  A path that will transform medicare and medicaid into a voucher program, that will line the pockets of the wealthy, who have seen their incomes go up by 278 percent in the past ten years alone, while the average “American people’s” wages have actually decreased.  Yet, Paul, “Captain Courageous”, or “Bronco” as his friends call him, wants even more in the way of tax cuts for the already wealthiest members of our caste like society.  President Barack Obama explained Ryan’s “plan” and if it sounds like an attack, then so be it.  Ryan’s plan, and make no mistake about it, is all about the rich–taking away medicare and medicaid from the elderly and the poor–a FACT no matter how one of these republican puppets wishes to spin it.  Transforming medicare into a ‘voucher’ program that gives seniors 15,000 dollars to spend on medical expenses that would not cover the cost of a bottle of Advil at any U.S. hospital.  Ryan’s plan, independent studies conclude, will take 75 years to ‘balance’ the budget, the whole premise they are basing their ill fated logic on.  This is not about the budget and never was about the budget, nor was it about ‘balancing it’.  This is a transfer of wealth that will attempt to insure a coming plutocracy, where the poor, the elderly, and the disenfranchised have no VOICE, as their vote is drowned out via the Citizens United monies that will be pouring in from special interests groups such as the ‘brother’s KOCH’ and their brethren, a fraternity of thieves and liars, who are hell bent on hijacking this great nation of ours, at the expense of our grandmother’s and grandfather’s…and that’s just for starters.  I was proud to watch and listen to our President yesterday and call these hooligans out for who and what they really are.  He spoke to the TRUTH about Paul, “I told you to call me Bronco!”, Ryan (again, credit Bill Murray and the classic film “Groundhog Day”) and this sham of a “plan” called “path to prosperity”–a path you can only walk on if you make over 1 million dollars a year or more.  His plan will throw grandma and grandpa out into the streets, as they take their average annual income of 19,000 dollars a year and attempt to purchase health care in the corrupt private insurance industry, an industry I know all too well.  The simple math is this:  If the republicans get their way, and they won’t, demanding an additional tax break for the top two percent, say 200,000 dollars, and in order to ‘balance’ that ‘math’, 33 seniors will have to shell out $6,000 dollars EACH in order to pay for it.  And, as President Obama stated quite clearly, “that is not going to happen while I’m President.” This is a transference of resources, and this plan does nothing to reduce the deficit.  It is transferring money from poor people to people who already have more money than GOD.  I, for one, am PROUD of our President, for he is a good man, something I cannot say about the likes of Paul, “Gosh darn it, I told you to call me Bronco!”, Ryan, a puppet congressman from the great state of Wisconsin.  Here are some other quotes from the President’s speech yesterday, “We cannot afford a 1 trillion dollar tax cut for the millionaires and billionaires in our society, we can’t afford it, and I refuse to renew them again.”  “I will preserve the health care programs as a promise we made to ourselves in this society.  I will not allow medicare to become a voucher program that leaves seniors at the “mercy” (as if the insurance industry could even comprehend that word, let alone put it into action) of the insurance industry.” (an evil element consistent with the runaway GREED of the dark caves of Wall Street).  He went on to say, “A 70 percent cut in clean energy (EPA), a 25 percent cut in education, and a 30 percent cut in transportation.  Cuts in college Pell grants that will amount to more than $1000. a year.  That’s the proposal.  These aren’t the kind of cuts you make when you are trying to find some waste, or find extra savings in the budget.  These are the kind of cuts that tell us we can’t afford the America I believe in, and I think you believe in as well.”  “I believe it paints a picture of our future that is deeply pessimistic.” Thank you Mr. President for finally standing up to these clowns, for it was never about the budget, just as in Wisconsin, nor was it about a ‘runaway spending problem’.  It has always been about a REVENUE problem, where we are doing the polar opposite of what Robin Hood would have done, stealing from the poor and giving it to the rich.  It is about hijacking this country that we all know and LOVE.  So, in the immortal words of Michael Mosier and seacapecod.net, “Mr. Ryan, or Bronco if you prefer, go f$ck yourself!”  May GOD’s grace continue to be with the good people of Japan, as I implore all to say a little prayer for that island nation that has endured such tragic losses over the past two months. Have a wonderful day folks and keep the FAITH! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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