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April 6, 2011

Path to Prosperity

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this gorgeous spring day here on Cape.  The skies are a deep, deep blue and the temperatures are in the low 50’s, with little to no wind.  Not too shabby.  I hope the weather is not too severe wherever this message in a bottle may be reaching you.  Well, as we all know, besides the turmoil in the Middle East, the insanity that IS the Afghanistan war, and the fact that millions of Americans are out of work, the congress is busy getting ready to shut the government down, as the rabid fake grass roots tea party, now with a life of it’s own, populated by crazy followers of “God”–the ‘captains’ of industry like David and Charles Koch, who are hell bent in making this country a plutocracy–the many new freshman puppets elected to congress, are demanding more than the already outrageous 33 billion dollars the democrats have already agreed to–you know, cutting affordable heating oil for seniors, cutting NPR, and taking out head start for kids, basically sticking it to the poor, besides all of that, Paul Ryan’s (congressman/henchman from the great state of Wisconsin) proposals in the upcoming ‘Let’s make a constitutional amendment regarding a balanced Federal budget’ budget talks are viciously going after medicare and medicaid for seniors and the poor in order to trim 4 billion dollars from the current U.S. Federal debt now standing at over 14 trillion dollars, largely, if not exclusively a direct result of the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy in 2001 and 2003, the medicare part D sham during that same period, a ‘law’ that basically put large amounts of CASH into the pockets of big pharmaceutical companies, the two unfunded wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, (Iraq alone is estimated to cost when all is said and done, well over 3 trillion dollars) now three if you consider all of the covert operations going on in say, Libya, where, after bombing them with Tomahawk missiles, is estimated to have already cost US 2 billion dollars, the same amount of money we spend every week in Afghanistan, what a bargain!, begging the question of course, why Libya, besides the humanitarian thing?, could it be OIL?, and finally, the huge debt problem, and the reason for it, all due to the REVENUE problem that Washington D.C. now really has–as corporation after corporation places yet another shingle up, symbolizing their “World Headquarters”, in places like Zug, Switzerland, usually just a simple mailbox, with no employees residing  in the Alps, certainly not any of the officers of ‘fill in the blank corporation’, thus, avoiding any corporate federal income taxes.  This FACT combined with the equally disturbing tax code, corrupt as the day is long, that favors the rich of course, who have accountants and lawyers who comb through the complicated said tax code, chalk full of loopholes you could drive a Mack truck through, working full time to ensure they find those holes in the code, a skewed code, (a laser like result from the directives of high priced lobbyists whose bosses OWN the politicians, via campaign contributions, thus, treating them like one of their “employees”, the politicians, or slaves if you prefer, the very politicians who WRITE THE LAWS, especially the laws regarding taxes), and thus, there is your revenue problem in a nut shell, as well as the overall REASON why we are in so much debt in the first place…then again, maybe it is the fault of all of those overpaid teachers, firemen and custodians who collectively bargain for fair wages, safe working conditions, and a voice in the game?  Yeah, in a pig’s eye.  Now, if you take this big $hit sandwich and add a little sauce, and that, of course, being this insane social/culture war being waged by an aging, often racist, group of white Anglo Saxon males, who are hell bent on passing everything from the abolishment of the Environmental PROTECTION agency and the Department of Education, or public schools as we now know them, to gutting the Internal Revenue Service (the gatherers of REVENUE for Federal, state and local services) and laying off thousands of teachers, firemen and policemen, along with many other public sector service jobs, to finally dismantling, by way of cutting funding, the National Atmospheric and Oceanographic Administration and the National Weather Service, programs that are VITAL in warning us of the ever growing threat of violent weather, thereby constraining our ability as a nation to predict the very bad weather to come, and it WILL come, as the direct result, sorry to keep using that term, but it is just so easy, as a DIRECT result of our disgusting amount of carbon emissions we pour every year into our fragile and most precious atmosphere, causing, of course, the sun’s heat to be trapped in, what is known as ‘inversion’, a ten dollar word for the tea baggin’ folk out there, akin to the word you may be familiar with, “mayonnaise”, the earth’s surface atmosphere, therefore, causing the polar ice caps to melt, which, as they shrink, limit their ability to deflect the sun’s rays, creating a vicious cycle to occur, and as that cycle continues, with the ice continuing to melt all over the world, the seas will begin to rise, with some estimates being twenty feet by the year 2080.  You do the math tough guy. That is not up for debate, unless you still believe that the world is flat, the sun is at the center of the Universe and Donald Trump is a humanitarian.  “Your fired!” Your ‘pals’ at the GOP, a party that Ronald Reagan himself would have been ashamed of, want you to believe that because we are in so much debt, debt CAUSED by  crooked capitalism on a cocktail of crack and steroids in the first place, a trend that has been continued now, unabated for the most part, for at least the past thirty years, yes, these puppets of REPUBLICORP wish you to believe that the solution to the debt issue must be taken not from the corporation’s billions of dollars in government subsidies to wealthy farmers or the oil industry, no, or indirectly through corporate tax breaks like our pal Scott Walker from Wisconsin recently did, while simultaneously crying that his state was ‘broke’, nor should it be taken from those poor rich folk, who already pay too much as it is, and, if the puppets have their way, may see that rate go all the way down to 25 percent, no, and it should never, ever be taken from the over bloated defense budget, a budget of over 700 billion dollars, the same amount we borrowed from China to give the top two percent an extension on those Bush era tax breaks of a decade ago, tax breaks that were meant to be temporary, a Defense that is less about ‘keeping America safe’ than it is about keeping those crooked localized defense contracts in play for their corporate friends over at Lockheed Martin or Boeing, no, alas, their solution is to go after FDR’s “New Deal” concepts like medicare and medicaid, passed in 1965 to help the elderly and the poor.  Taking away this program that has worked so well for so long, with administrative costs at only 6 percent, from those poor and elderly and giving ‘vouchers’ to seniors, who make, on average, 19,000 dollars a year, give them f’cking vouchers??!, give them vouchers to go out and purchase insurance in an industry where the word ethical was replaced with the words, ‘go fu@k yourself’, is one of the worst things I have ever heard.  Having worked in the private insurance field for almost two decades, as an executive, let me tell you something, those vouchers will be worth less than a happy meal at McDonald’s.  Adding insult to injury, the fine Paul Ryan proposed giving state block grants to ‘deal’ with medicaid, a program that serves the poor and indigent.  Leaving those life or death decisions up to the states discretion.  The states?  You mean states like Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana?  Not to mention New Jersey, Maine, Florida and Michigan?  The states where newly elected rabidly right of center republican governors–let’s see here, how is my memory this morning, governors like Walker, Kasich, Daniels, Christie, LePage, Scott and Synder–have made it quite clear that they could give two $hits about the common man, let alone the poor or the elderly, you mean those states?  Where do I sign up?  Golly, that sounds great Mr. Ryan, can I have your autograph?  These are the very governors who are in BED with the likes of David Koch, who is pulling levers in an attempt to pull the plug on those very successful, and, may I add, very popular programs the United States has ever enjoyed.  How much money do you think they will give the poor?  How much rationing will we see on the streets of Detroit, Boston, New York, Chicago, or L.A.?  Talk about your death panels.  When you have seniors trying to decide between food and medicine that keeps them alive and mobile, you sir, have crossed a big line, a line that you can never go back and recross.  You are not only treading on thin ice, but you have a giant polar bear who is chasing you.  This speaks nothing to the poor in this nation, ever growing, that, truth be told, will be the big losers in the end, for theirs is an invisible lot, with no media coverage to speak of at all, therefore, for most people, they don’t really exist at all, save one lone reporter from FOX NEWS recently who poked fun of the homeless with her cameraman and her microphone as she went from person to person asking if they could sing a note for her, fooling them into thinking they could win a contest of some sort.  A fine filler story fit for that God awful ‘Fox and Friends’.  Paul Ryan’s, his friend’s call him “young gun”, or, if you don’t like that, he also likes “Bronco”, recent mandate from his bosses over at REPUBLICORP’s world headquarters, I believe they are located in Zug, states their position with chrystal clear clarity–F#$K the poor and the elderly, reduce corporate income taxes, eliminate ALL regulation, and keep the military industrial complex going full steam ahead, as they gear up for the coming of ‘peak oil’, a very real issue I would be happy to discuss with “ya’ll” later, and all of the wars that will go along with it.  We, at least all of us here at seacapecod.net, would have so much more respect for you if you were just HONEST about the whole thing.  Admitting you are scum sucking vampires is the first step to healing.  That you don’t give a damn about the spirit, the TRUE spirit of this country, it’s proud history, it’s deep connection with established common sense LAWS, designed to protect the PEOPLE from people like you, or PROTECT it’s beautiful environment, such as the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, all of which is quite clear, clear and simple enough that any five year old could conceptualize it.  So why not cut the crap and just come out and admit you have no problem throwing Grandma under the bus!  Just know this Ryan, the AMERICAN PEOPLE are NOT with you! A recent NBC/Wall Street Journal poll recently revealed this when it asked people the question, “what top three actions by the ‘leaders’ in congress would you deem unacceptable in balancing the budget?”  Answer?  a) cutting medicare–76%  b) cutting medicaid–67%  c) taxing millionaires–17%.  The problem according to Wendell Potter, a former insurance executive like myself who worked for a carrier I know very well, Cigna, said recently on the ED SHOW, only on MSNBC, “the problem is, (regarding the democrats using these numbers against the republican puppets in this fight or the coming election in 2012) the special interests (corporate lobbyists from all walks of industry) have a pretty good track record of engaging in propaganda campaigns that get people off of where they are right now.” (Stockholm Syndrome–defined as, captives (the 99 percent of Americans out there) feeling sorry for their captors (big corporations and their owners) and thus, voting against their best interests, therein, tricked or brainwashed, more appropriately (see FOX NEWS, oh, on second thought, DON’T), into doing their ‘masters’ bidding.  Potter goes on to say, “We saw the support for the health care bill decline after the debate, that’s what they’re counting on.”  Republicorp has all of the weapons it needs at it’s disposal for this ongoing slow and painful coup, or hijacking of America, the America we once knew and truly were proud of.  The monster is not counting on, however, the American spirit, that has been reignited and will grow ever stronger, that COLLECTIVE VOICE of that American spirit will drown out the poisonous airwaves, corporate owned and directed, that blast hate and vitriol, lies and innuendo, in their ever present goal of dumbing down American citizens–filling their heads with hor$hit 24/7/365.  A technique that has worked for the past ten years or so, as the nation’s short term memory is constantly being distracted by the never ending ‘carnivals’ ‘they’ offer, (see NFL, Wrestle mania, Real Housewives or Transformers 10) and, moreover, the constant drum beat that gets at the very heartbeat of human psychology, the ‘fight or flight’ syndrome, a response mechanism that is constantly stoked by Republicorp’s favorite weapon–FEAR!  Ryan’s “path to prosperity”, as they have named this atrocity of a “balancing the federal budget by way of giving tax breaks to corporations who ship jobs overseas, among OTHER things”, is a path to more prosperity for the wealthy, the multinational corporations and the insurance carriers, who will make out like a bandit on the deal.  Well, done congressman, you are a fine representative of the United States of America!  Have a wonderful day folks and May GOD continue to be with the good people of Japan, may your days become warmer and brighter! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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