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April 6, 2019

Parens Patriae!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the misty, mild, marvelous, magical, mysterious island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on a quiet Saturday morning, The Sixth Day of April, 2019; a gentle rain keeping a giant bunny in my backyard here in Eastham company as he eats the falling bird seed above hanging from a lone Locust tree. One of many abundant assortment of broad leaf deciduous, about to be revealed in their full glory once again…


For your reading displeasure,  Sea Cape Cod would like to offer up some facts and several lists regarding your current government who has assumed a parental role per the title to this watery essay.  Take the privately owned, like the ‘Federal Reserve’, for profit (over people), “Center for Disease Control”, or CDC, or center for deception control.  Yes indeed, these good folks have nothing but your best interest in mind, especially your children.

Here are 15 reasons why you should run the other way when ye ‘ole ‘CDC’ enters your perimeter..

1. CDC is a for profit corporation, listed on Dunn & Bradstreet.

2. CDC partners with big pharma.

3. CDC deceives health practitioners as well as the public at large.

4. CDC rife with documented corruption.

5. CDC orchestrates propaganda campaigns based on non-existent threats.

6. CDC wastes ten of millions of tax payers dollars.

7. CDC  hires researchers to create bogus studies.

8. CDC does not protect public, rather promotes White House agenda, a house controlled by ruthless international bankers.

9. CDC pays public health institutions and has employees in their state offices.

10. CDC ignores Congressional reports and hearings.

11. CDC regularly and actively discredits and destroys reputable researchers.

12. CDC bilks billions from insurance carriers by knowingly creating disease through their mass vaccination programs.

13. CDC hires private think tank corporations to create phony consensus reports.

14. CDC promotes dumping of toxic industrial waste into our water supply systems in the name of ‘fluoridation’.

15. CDC has long and nasty relationship with the CIA.


Father knows best eh?

Depends on who one calls one’s Father.

CDC has a hard on for vaccinations, you betcha! The following is a list of the top ten facts regarding the evil for profit corporation pumping death into your children in the name of health and well being…

1. Vaccine science ‘unsettled’; scientific peer reviewed papers have exposed many dangers of many vaccines as well as ‘herd immunity myth’.

2. Harvard study concludes ’safe & effective’ drugs another myth.

3. All participating in vaccine programs are exempted from liability.

4. Patients & parents never given full disclosure.

5. CDC vaccination recommendations not based in scientific fact. CDC has long documented history of unscrupulous activities.

6. CDC private for profit corporation just ‘doing business’.

7. State public health institutions are private for profit (over people), corporations ‘doing business’.

8. American Academy of Pediatrics a private for profit (over people), ‘doing business’.

9. Physicians get more money for each and every one ‘fully vaccinated child’.

10. PROFITS, not science, motivates vaccine mandates.

That and “The Genocide Treaty”, i.e. depopulation;

UN’s “Agenda 21” baby!

“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”


This 1949 hell born treaty, convention really, passed in U.S. by Congress in 1988, lo, this horrible, very real “Genocide Treaty”, much to the unknowing of the mass majority of U.S. citizens, has destroyed the U.S. Constitution.  93 other countries have signed on to this horror, and have exercised it by virtue of the way things really are in China and Russia today. The treaty ‘trumps’ internal law. Thus, we have no rights.  Actors on stage in Washington, pretending that votes really matter, and the common man, woman and child have some kind of say in what we do as a people collectively and what we do individually.

So, by all means, continue to believe we have a functioning government as you tune into ABC’s “World News” Tonight. A bold statement by ABC, for their is no ‘news’ or ‘world’ in the equation whatsoever.  Poor David Muir wondering where the exit door is out of this deep and dark rabbit hole…

Not mentioned on said ‘program’ are the daily genocides occurring all over the world per this convention/treaty.  A multilateral agreement between many nations defines this wicked convention of confusion, carnage and chaos..

Happening right under our noses in subtler forms via vaccinations, chemtrails, coming 5G technology, GMO’s, weaponized weather, economic terrorism via automation, street drugs, homelessness, ‘legal’ drugs via big pharma, tainted, toxic fluoridated water supplies, ah the list goes on and on and on…

Make no mistake about it folks, the Rothschild banking dynasty and the UN are fully in charge and moving forward with an Agenda that will not be spoken of on NBC’s “The Today Show”, no sir!

This horrible Genocide Treaty of 1949, does not prevent genocide from happening, it makes it legal.

It’s a monster!

Domestic laws have been decided on by foreign powers.  Hence, the hoax of ‘global warming’, or ‘climate change’.  New buzz words such as ’sustainability’ and ‘resiliency’ are directives that EFFECT every state and local council of government.  Powerful UN mandates have over ridden and raped this Republic.  It has changed, warped, adulterated century old statues and laws in the name of a bogus, evil, hidden hand Agenda 21/30.

“We are the enemy”.

“Parens Patriae’:

the government, or any other authority (non-elected UN bureaucrats/technocrats), regarded as the legal protector of citizens unable to protect themselves.

They are coming for the guns;

then you!

Sorry to break it to you but this world is not what is appears to be…

Have a great week end anyway!


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