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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 16, 2021


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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings serfs, peasants, slaves of this “Brave New World Order”! ‘Tis “I” once again, Lord William Montague, III, country gentleman, chiming in from my lovely estate here on ‘the far away island’ of Nantucket!  On this Sixteenth Day of June, 2021, looking above at one of “The Five”, literally baby foxes W.H.O. live on my property, rent free of course, one can SEA it is a splendid summer’s morning on an island that must be experienced by one’s lonesome to really comprehend it’s deeper meaning, but I digress, I pray you are enjoying all of your new found freedoms as ‘ya’ll’ ACQUIESCE to our endless, insane ‘laws’, mandates, dictates to either make you break or make you comply, or die, whichever may come first…

I have compiled a little musical score below deck for your entertainment, have a wonderful summer and be kind to the wildlife, or else!

The little ditty is called;


(credit: ‘Five Times August’)


Ta! Ta!

Love and kisses,


A one, and a two, and a three…

“Oh my, heavy times, everybody’s angry living lies, and you broke, joke, ‘woke’ folk think you’re gonna save the day?  You’re outtayerminde kids, nobody cares about what you say!

So you scream more please, look at me!  Living through an I-phone, TikTok, dream!

Rate me, date me, grade me, pay me!

Beggin’ for attention, BOO W.H.O.!

You’ve gone out of your minds kids, no one cares what you do!

Wanna play the victim, wanna be the hero?  Lookin’ like a miserable, confused punk a$$ weirdo!

Think you’ve got it figured out for everyone else when you don’t even KNOW yourself!

All your selfies ain’t no revolution, they are just a slowin’ down EVOLUTION.

I ’spose I need to apologize, and if I don’t you’ll hope and wish I’d die.

Oh, another rule!  Made up by a teenage rebel W.H.O. loves big tech, big pharma, big gov, big laws;

gonna talk all about it on me new BLOG!

You’re OUTTAYERDAMINDE kid, nobody cares about what you want!

No, you cry, not true! I’ll ‘fact check’ you!

Getting your opinion approved by some desperate, faceless, nameless, brainless, intern ‘writer’ for the FAKE NEWS!


Nobody cares about what they say!

Think you gotta voice?  Think you gotta choice?  Think you’re something special in the corporate WHITE NOISE?

Tweet this, post that, ‘gram this, Tok that, swipe left, and make sure to give a like if you like my new hat…

You ‘think’ they’re on your side?

They only share what they wish you to ‘decide’…

Your’e just part of the corporate corruption, that’s peddling CRAP for MASS consumption…

Oh Geez!  You labeled me! Your tolerance is so extreme!  Which should I be? W.H.O. do I get to be?

A fascist? A bigot? A Nazi?

You’re OUTTAYERDANMINDE kid, ’cause I don’t care about what you think?

Oh my, heavy times, everybody’s angry, livin’ lies!

And you broke, joke, ‘woke’ folk thinkin’ you’re gonna save the day?

You’re OUTTAYERDAMINDE kids, because NOBODY cares about what you have to say!

You have gone out of your mind kid, nobody cares about you or the ‘time’ of day, let alone anything you have to SAY!

Have a nice day!”


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