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May 3, 2009

Our Lady

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Today, my parish here in Osterville celebrates the first communion of 10 little second graders, as I have the privilege to sing in my choir at noon.  I remember my first communion and being very nervous about the whole affair.  Making sure that everything was right, as all eyes would be on me that day…judging my every move.  There is something magical about first communion, really more of a miracle than magic, as you look at these young souls, so innocent and pure in heart.  It matters not what religion you “belong” to, as communion with God is what we all aspire to whether we believe it to be true or not.  If fear is not real and Love all there is, Love being God  as one, then it would stand to reason that we all celebrate in the innocence of youth even if you are 103.  There is nothing more beautiful than a young person having the Knowledge that God does indeed Love you, even if you deny His very existence.  The communion in the Catholic church is complicated, suffice to say that when Jesus said, “Do this in remembrance of me”, he meant exactly that–remember.  Remember that we are all one. that we are never, ever alone and that we were put here on planet earth to love one another.  That is the communion we all share in if we so choose.  So say a little prayer for the young souls of “Our Lady of the Assumption” today and who knows, you may just feel a little of God’s eternal love too–for despite your age and everything that has happened to you in this crazy world we live in, the one constant is that we did not create ourselves and that deep yearning we all feel from time to time is simply your own desire to commune with the almighty himself or herself… Peace M

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