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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 1, 2010

“Our Friends”

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Our Friends

On a distant horizon in the Gulf,

an oil rig sits like a ghost,

collecting barnacles like so many pieces of dust,

breaking back into the elements from which it came.

The Lords of industry cried out, “It was not our fault!”

They would be right, if “right” mattered anymore.

The race to exploit the only home we have at present needs no apology…

For even though her tender reeds, estuaries, ponds and streams,

her Whales, Otters and Pelicans,

have been soiled by mankind’s eternal folly

and his insistence on holding onto the egoic mind,

that has become split–

for even with all of that,

Great Mother Earth will still open up her leaves and bring shade,

to an otherwise darkened world…

Peace~ M

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