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June 29, 2011

Osterville Watchtower

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good, as always, to be with you on this very early Wednesday morning, the twenty-ninth day of June, 2011, and, according to Reuters, the sun will rise in a few moments… During the Bush administration, the Grand Old Party voted to raise the debt ceiling 19 times, that’s right, 19 times!  Adding up to a grand total of 4 trillion dollars.  How ’bout that for fiscal conservatives! You know, those fiscal conservatives that Michelle Bachmann, presidential contender for the republican cause, claimed as her own recently.  Bachmann, famous for her fun facts such as John Quincy Adams being one of the founding fathers who fought tirelessly to end slavery in this country…at the age of eight.   Fun facts such as Lexington and Concord being towns in the great state of New Hampshire, the state that heard the ’shot fired round the world’ during the Revolutionary War, when of course, those towns are right here in the great state of Massachusetts.  Fun facts that also include creationism, whereupon apparently mankind magically appeared on planet earth only 6000 years ago, playing with dinosaurs and the like.  You know, fun facts, ’cause the ‘more you know’…  When Bachmann gave her presidential announcement speech on Monday, she claimed to be “one of those”, referring to the ‘three legged stool’ that had four legs, four pillars of the republican brand if you will, that Michelle has adopted, again, as her own, as in “I’m one of those”, begging the question, “what happened Michelle?”, is it one of those 24 hour viral things, or is it the fact that we have a black man in the White House and you and your handlers, your puppeteers, such as the ‘Brothers Koch’, are HELL bent on driving this country off a cliff?  They will accomplish this by creating a financial $hit storm that will hurt the U.S. economy and world economies, forcing the hand of the President to do their bidding, as they hold that gun to the head of the collective ‘American People’, the very people they claim to LOVE so much, yet, are, nonetheless, holding hostage and brainwashing them into feeling ’sorry’ for them personally and as a “cause” (such as fiscal, social, peace through ’strength’, or tea party model)– a classic Stockholm Syndrome, that was so well laid out in a recent new secret meeting, or summit, with the Koch brothers in Vail, Colorado, just this past week, where republican governor scumbags like Rick Scott of Florida, John Kasich of Ohio and George Bush’s mentally challenged twin, Rick Perry, from the great state of Texas, met with the oil and chemical giant corporate polluter and political extortionist group to, undoubtedly, discuss the method in which they will make it next to impossible for people who might lean democratic in this next election, i.e., the poor, the elderly, minorities, and the young, to vote.  They will make it more difficult to register to vote by creating new voter ID cards, and, moreover, more difficult to actually vote at the booth, via intimidation and, again, the new voter ID rules put in place by the aforementioned governors and their ilk.  By destroying the unions in Wisconsin, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, New Jersey, etc., the Koch agenda of a complete and total Plutocratic takeover was well under way, for by taking away the ability to organize, Republicorp has effectively begun this dismantling of the most basic ingredient of our Democracy–namely, one man, or woman equals one vote. The goal now is to continue this sleazy move by tampering with voter ID and by the new rules, as many would be votes, even though cast, will not be counted, as they don’t pass the strict guidelines of what constitutes proper ID and what does not, purely subjective of course, but designed to alter elections in the future, resulting in more drones like Scott of Florida, who are bought and paid for by the evil Brothers Koch and their friends…(FRACK you David and Charles Koch, WE have got your number!).  These are the a$$holes who have brought you the polluting exercise of fracking, a process where a company sets up a well head, begins drilling down into private (or in many cases now, thanks to the Halliburton loophole, public land) property that they ‘lease’ off of private land owners, who take the money, not knowing the REAL risks, and as Halliburton or Koch Industries begins drilling down to get at the shale rock below, to pump high pressured water laced with 596 chemicals, deadly chemicals that are UNREGULATED, into said shale rock in order to break it apart, releasing the ‘natural gas’ that is embedded within, the people get sick and the company makes the profit.  Profit over People right David and Charles? These land owners soon find out what the “Brothers” were up to however, as the 596 chemicals are not only seeping into the drinking water, making them deathly sick, but also have to deal with airborne contaminants while they literally light their water, coming from the faucet, on FIRE!  This crap is happening in over 37 states now, and it is only getting worse, as the Koch brothers continue making money off of other human being’s lives, while simultaneously going after the very core of our Democracy by way of buying politicians and shredding our Constitution.  Why do you think FOX NEWS is such a big hit?  Sure, they have pretty people to look at, bright shiny lights to stare at, fun facts displayed on even funner graphics, with easy to read talking points that leave your mind numb and your extremities cold, but the real reason is that they have the same mission as do the Brothers Koch, (not to be confused with the Brother’s Grim, the famous authors of ‘grim’ fairy tales) and that, of course, is a complete takeover of the United States of America, a plan that has been going on for over thirty years now.  Plutocracy, or rule by the wealthy, is going on right now, and because it is so subtle, is has ducked under the radar of most ‘American people’.  One law here, one law there, take away voting rights, or make it really difficult for African Americans, or college students, or the working poor, not to mention those who are destitute, and one eventually, like the Colorado River cutting a valley, or canyon, through the earth itself, creates a giant gap between the haves and the have nots–and like the old saying goes, those who have the gold, make the rules.  Doesn’t sound like a Democracy, with a big D, to me, does it to you?  How would you like David Koch being the new ‘dear leader’, ala Kim jong Il?  My guess is you would not, and that is exactly why these secret meetings, held in the past few years in Palm Beach, Florida and Aspen, Colorado and now Vail, Colorado, are a tightly held secret, for they are attended by Justices as well as corrupt governors, that’s right, Supreme Court Justices such as Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia, right along with the corrupt politicians, such as the ones aforementioned, and how would that look if the general public knew this was really going on, as WE, collectively as a nation, began questioning whether or not our Supreme Court is really on the up and up?  The attempted coup of our nation will not be televised, but will be reported by seacapecod.net, because WE all know that the Brothers Koch and their mindset want everything to remain as subtle and quiet as possible, for their goal is to take away every right you could possibly think of that could threaten their power, while they continue to pollute our drinking water to the point of no return, and continue making billions of dollars of profit in the oil and chemical business, a business that is slowly warming our planet and destroying it at the same time.  This all while receiving government tax payer subsidies, while they are buying our politicians, educators at the highest level (Google–Koch brothers plus Florida, and other universities, professors) and raping and pillaging OUR collective lands, such as in Wyoming, where they drill on those public lands, again, via the Halliburton loophole of 2005, ala Dick Cheney, adding up to some very disturbing trends that are, for the most part, so sophisticated and vile, cunning and manipulative, that ‘THEY’ are mostly out of the nation’s general radar system of what is RIGHT and what is most clearly WRONG!  The victim with these guys is always the TRUTH, and that is what they are afraid of–TRUTH that is being withheld from the American people, who, irregardless of their political affiliation, are hurting and in FEAR, just like the good doctor ordered over at the evil Koch brother’s laboratory, and NEED real leaders to help them see the LIGHT. Leaders who actually give damn about their mortgages, their jobs, their kids educations and futures, their drinking water, their food safety, the air they breathe, their environment, and their very lives…  If FOX NEWS actually told 60 percent, or whatever their market share is now, of the American people the TRUTH, it would put Republicorp, and it’s puppets, out of business forever, and WE could get down to the business of restructuring the tax code, cleaning up the environment, reinvesting in our own infrastructure, (as opposed to ‘nation building’ in places like Afghanistan), take out private insurance companies for health care and replace them with medicare for all, and finally putting some real regulations on Wall Street, putting them back in the business of INVESTMENT banking, investing in companies, not in speculation and credit default swaps–effectively taking our country back from the lying, cheating thieves who are currently running the show now, people that are much worse than Rob Blagojevich, whose only real crime in this corrupt, lobbyist soaked beltway was to be wire tapped, invisible, mums the word, politicians who take millions of dollars every day in Washington from corporate lobbyists whose only goal, a lofty one at that, is to get whatever agenda that is on their docket off the docket, and to hell with everyone else…an agenda that always starts with the modus operandi of PROFIT OVER PEOPLE! Have a wonderful day folks and please keep the people on the Missouri River in your prayers, as Fort Calhoun, one of our nuclear power plants in Nebraska, is under a few feet of water as I write these words… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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