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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 11, 2010

Osterville Light

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Greetings on this Sunday morning from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Nantucket! The weather is clear and the seas are calm here in Osterville and as we all enjoy this Sunday, I am reminded of just how big the universe really is…  The light that we all take for granted, our sun, is one of billions upon billions of stars that make up the galaxy we call the “Milky Way”.  The Milky Way was discovered by ancient astronomers who noticed that the sky had a white streak running through it’s center and thus, coined the phrase “milky circle” in ancient Greek.  Through the years, scientists like Sir Isaac Newton, perfected the telescope using mirrors that allow for a more focused view of the heavens, as opposed to a fuzzier picture like the one you see above.  The light particles, however, can be seen quite clearly, and to this end, Newton perfected the first modern day images of our night sky.  When you think about the magnitude of the Milky Way galaxy alone, the fact that the Milky Way is only one of billions upon even more billions of galaxies just like it, well, you get the idea.  We are very small in the grand scheme of things.  Space is infinite and while we compete for non-essentials like power and control over others just like us on this temporary earth plane, we lose a part of why we are all here to begin with.  Even as you look about you today, notice the amount of space that is between yourself and your loved ones, your neighbors, the people in your town, the people in your state, the people in your country and indeed, the people in your world, you will realize just how precious your life, as well as your fellow brothers and sisters, really is.  You see how vulnerable and fragile we humans really are.  The big talk of war, the lies that unfortunate humans tell to promote fear and hate, the blindness that exists towards suffering and hunger, and the complete missing of the point of WHY we are all here is heartbreaking.  Why is it that so many, who have so much, are so miserable?  Why is it?  Could it be that the collective ego has taken hold of so many unsuspecting victims?  That the fear card has been used time and time again to manipulate our brethren to the point that they cannot see the forest for the trees?  I’d call that a big yes.  So when looking through the metaphorical telescope of “every day life”, stop for a moment and ask yourself, “why am I feeling this way, why am I thinking this way, why am I acting this way..?”  The answers will astonish you if you are true to yourself, chalk full of honest assessment.  William Shakespeare stated over 500 years ago six simple words, “To thine known self be true.”  That is the key to opening of the window to the JOY, LOVE and PEACE that you already are–you just forgot along the way.  Have a wonderful Sunday!  Peace~ M

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