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June 2, 2010

Osprey Observations

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Greetings and salutations from the sandy shores of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The fog rolled in last night, with Dowses Beach here in Osterville socked in with the thick heavy microscopic water droplets obscuring the blue sky only 1000 feet above our heads… The fog of bp and their lawyers wishes to do the same regarding the Gulf disaster.  Lawyers, in this “land of laws”, have forever sought “loopholes” within the laws handed down from the Legislative branch of our government.  As we turn our attention to who was to blame for this fiasco, it may be wise to listen to an attorney who has been the champion for the little guy, the men and women who have lost their livelihood via the eternal search for more oil.  Mike Papantonio, attorney de excellence, serving those folks who have no clue as to corporate power and deception, made some key observations on Chris Mathew’s show, “Hardball”, only on MSNBC, yesterday bringing some real LIGHT to the situation.  “Eric Holder”, Mike said, “the Attorney General, must face down this sociopath-corporation (definition of a sociopath is one who cares nothing for others welfare), and call them out for the blatant lies that they are now telling the public regarding the “spill”.  They claim that all of the sharks, dolphins, turtles and some birds that have died recently has nothing to do with the explosion and  sinking of the Deep Water Horizon rig.  They also claim that the tar balls that are showing up on the shores of Louisiana again, have nothing to do with the “accident”.”  Further that lie a little more and you will here them claim, on camera, that the oil “plume” that is now 25 miles long, 6 miles wide and over 3000 feet deep is also, say it with me, “not their doing”. These blatant lies are upheld, thinks Papantonio, because these mega-global corporations (some of them sociopath-corporations) KNOW that 50 percent of the American public will believe just about anything they see and hear on television, and thus, can create the smoke and mirror show we all know to be an elaborate ruse–A LIE. According to Mike, he believes that Eric Holder has the opportunity to “save” the Presidency of Barack Obama, by calling these villains out into the light of day to be judged on what they did, not the manipulative rhetoric that they spill out of their crooked mouths– I said that, not Mr. Papantonio.  He is going to do one of two things, Mr. Holder is.  On the one hand, he can act like the “top cop” that he IS, putting bp’s feet to the fire, appointing an independent commission on what really happened aboard the rig before it exploded, the cover up of how much oil was being emitted into the Gulf, and the fact that they lied about having a backup plan in case of such an epic disaster–the real crime.  The other route is more to how the administration has trusted these men of deceit from the beginning, allowing bp to “watch the hen house”.  Sporting a corporate defense hat, Mr. Holder could “get in his corporate defense mind” and thus, think like the corporation that benefits bp, to the detriment of the people, animals and plant life of the Gulf region–a move that would ensure an eventual eroding of the trust that we still have for a very good President.  If Obama wishes to be a great President, a Lincoln as opposed to an LBJ, he must pull out all of the stops and fight for what is truly RIGHT–i.e. putting an end to the trend towards corporate plutocracy that has now proven itself to be a killer of the first order–taking the lives of precious animals, destroying priceless wet lands, and stealing the livelihood of the good Americans who live, work, love, and pray in the great states of Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Florida.  Mr. Papantonio put it better than my friend Keith Olberman, as he spelled this truism out without any sugar coating.  The likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Karl Rove, my God, you name the name– for they all seem to be cut from the same hate cloth– have a strong voice because the corporate plutocracy put them there to brainwash as many people as they can, on a variety of issues, and thus, can stand tall in court as they make outrageous claims like, “the dead sharks on the beaches, covered in a thick, black crude, is not in any way connected with the Deep Water Horizon Oil Rig explosion…”.  This all while the men and women of Louisiana go hungry, for their fishing grounds have been sealed shut forever by the greed of men in black–the men of big oil. Focus groups have been set up by bp, and thus, the brainwashing of the south begins in earnest.  By the time most of these claims get to court, the corporation bets on most people bowing out, like they did in the Exxon Valdez disaster 21 years ago.  In that beautiful Prince William sound, you can literally walk the beaches, turn over a rock, and find oil on the bottom of that same rock.  Things were never the same in that pristine region of OUR country.  Right now, so it seems, is a similar fate served up for the Gulf region if someone with some b#$ls does not step up to the plate and hit one  out of the park.   Robin West, an oil executive from PFC Energy, stated yesterday on the PBS Newshour, that bp is worth 400 billion dollars and is still making money hand over fist.  According to West, bp could be on the hook for over 50 billion dollars, which is “real money to bp.”  The “License to Operate”, or the public perception of a company, has been damaged greatly by this “accident”, and this being the true essence of that philosophy on a world scale, bp must recognize this–if it wants to continue to be among the world’s largest and most powerful corporate entities.  “The price of bp’s stock has fallen a quarter since the spill and with no end in sight, bp will see the logic in settling as many law suits as possible, for the price of public confidence is fickle and ever moving, up or down.  “So it is in their best interest to do the right thing.”  How man can destroy what God created has no place in the thoughts of God, for darkness cannot dwell in LIGHT.  The only way for bp to see that light is to admit their own folly, and ironically, by doing so, save themselves (along with the coast of Louisiana)–saving themselves only by aligning their being with Infinite Creative Intelligence–for bp is as far away from CREATIVE INTELLIGENCE, right NOW, as a grouping of human beings called a corporation can get…..  GODS SPEED TO THE GULF, and all of the people, plants and sea creatures therein. Have a pleasant Wednesday folks!  Peace~ M

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