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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 26, 2020

‘operation dark winter’?

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Greetings peasants, slaves and serfs, ’tis I, Lord William Montague III, broadcasting LIVE from one of my favorite summer homes here on the lovely island of Nantucket!

Normally one would find me in Nevis, a little island in the French Caribbean this ‘time’ of year, lots of off shore accounts and shell companies you know, yet here I am, closing up the ‘home by the SEAfor yet another season, the help on this rock is just awful the closer we get to winter, then all bets are off!

Indeed, it is a grey, damp, chilly, blustery, misting, unforgiving island presently on this Twenty-Sixth Day of October, 2020, and a good Monday morning to you and yours, may your last days as free, “Constitutional” citizens in this former Republic be joyous ones, being grateful we, the Cult, the Cabal, the .0000001 percent, yes, have provided the blue print for the upcoming “Great Reset” of everything you now know as ‘reality’, for that, my dear serfs, if about to change.

Big time!

This selection of ‘the weakest link’, on November 3, will solidify our intentions and Agenda (21/30…), of not only this corporation, I mean country, but 192 others like it, this coming communistic ‘New World Order’.  We, in the dark, have brought into fruition “Operation LOCKSTEP”, please credit my dear friend, and partner in crime, David Rockefeller, long live the King!  Yes, please credit his brave insight by writing said title in 2010 via The Rockefeller Foundation, ah, I just love it when a plan comes together…, where was I? Oh yes, our intentions, well, since we have scrubbed, almost, the Internet of any ‘David Icke’s’ out there, we can just sit back and allow AI’s algorithms’ do all of the heavy lifting…

Yes, destroy all independent critical free thinking, powerfully connected do good ‘terrorists’ who wish to thwart our noble efforts to meld man with machine, to reduce the Earth’s human population from 7.7 billion down to under 500 million, allowing Mother Gaia to breathe once again, as we mask the masses so as to not only silence them, but rob them of oxygen while they slowly suffocate on the carbon dioxide, mold spores and bacteria colonies building up on those face diapers that I’m quite sure are never washed due to our most recent dividends coming from our stock holdings in laundry soap sales, not to mention taking away their individuality, their humanity, their smiles, their kisses;

their love for one another.


Yes, as we have scrubbed that once wild west public utility of any and all free speech, our UN goals of Sustainable Development;

i.e. global communism/totalitarianism will be complete.

Pity that most Americans won’t be around to enjoy the next “I-phone 13″. Filthy Americans, “fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son!” Please credit the actor playing ‘Dean Wormer’ in the classic National Lampoon film, circa 1978, “Animal House”, starring among many greats, one of my favorite SNL explosions on “TV”, Mr. John Belushi; he had a good ‘time’ while visiting this 3D prison planet.

Did he not?

Alas, I digress, for you SEA, it was EZ for me to hijack that so called writer/photographer Mike Mosier and his awful ‘blog’ on his equally offensive website ’seacapecod.net’, how revolting! He’s no match for the New World Order, that I can assure you! By the year 2025 vaccines will have lit up most humans; Luciferance like fireflies flying about for the all seeing EYE to surveil and spy. Operation Dark Winter was a slip of the tongue by our next puppet-in-chief, perhaps one of his most unfortunate moments in his miserable 47 year long ‘career’ as a ‘politician’ a nine letter word for perverted old man whose growling more senile by the second…

Yes, “Operation Dark Winter” was the code name for a senior level bio-terrorist attack scenario conducted from June 22-23, 2001, where, like it’s connected cousin, “Event 201″ (October 2019 global pandemic scenario), it foreshadowed what WILL come to pass;

very shortly…

It was designed to carry out a mock version of a covert and widespread small pox attack on the United States of America.  The “Usual Suspects”, Johns Hopkins University “Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies”, (CCBS), now known as “Center for Health Security”–how droll, how perfectly ironic, it’s just delicious is it not?  I’m sorry, this “Center for Strategic and International Studies” will ‘drop the big one’ as Dean Wormer did at fictitious ‘Faber College’ in 1978, and release a bioweapon that will make ‘COVID-19’s’ smokescreen look like a socially distanced walk in the park.

That’s why my friend “Kill”, we just love that new nick name!  Especially when we have our Davos meeting that won’t be in Davos, Switzerland this time! Gates and his perfectly splendid husband/wife “Cullinda”, ‘the malevolent one’, and their fabulous ironic, dubious, devilish, mockery of philanthropy, “The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”, yes, this is why he always has a big $hit eating grin on his face when, the both of them, whenever they are being interviewed by our beast media system.

They know what is coming!  What did Billy Boy say, “…if they didn’t pay attention to the first virus, I’m pretty sure they will pay attention to the next one”, or something along those wonderful lines….

His husband, Cullinda”, ‘the malevolent one’, looking deep into those ugly, creepy, crud colored eyes of ‘ole “Kill”, then turning directly to the camera and nodding, smiling with complete agreement, both sitting in peace at what they and Co., have created…

What lovely monsters they truly ARE!





Only a few Twitter accounts, at least here on the continental U.S. shores, have suggested that Biden’s remarks during the last presidential debate offer concrete proof that the government is preparing to purposely UN-leash a biological agent in order to use the ensuing CHAOS to assert more;


The Hegelian Dialect;

a) problem b) reaction c) solution

Any questions Kimosabe?

Are you aware, dear serf, that the Native American writer Sherman Alexie wrote the word “Kimosabe” actually means ‘idiot’, not, what you idiots think it means, ‘faithful friend”, “trusted scout”…

I choose my words carefully,

do you?

“I’m McLovin’ it!”

I do say, I thought we would get more of a fight out of these Yanks, let alone the Australians and Kiwis, plus the bloody Brits,;

they’ve got no balls!

Oh, you beautifully wicked false flags, is there nothing you can’t do?

A tactic you are all well aware of, i.e. “9/11″, or what we like to call a false flag attack.

You SEA, it is WE who control what will BE.

Not thee.

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing Man he didn’t exist,

and just like that, he was gone!”

Ta Ta!

Love and Kisses!

Lord William Montague III

(country gentleman) 

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