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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 20, 2010

Open Atlantic

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Another cool start to the day, relative to the rest of the recent days here on Cape, that have been unseasonably warm, assuming we can still use the word “seasonable” anymore with a straight face.  President Obama drew a line in the sand yesterday with some tough talk to the deaf ears of the p.o.h.n., in regard to the extension of unemployment benefits.  The p.o.h.n. wants to block these benefits because they are “concerned” with the “deficit”, but have no problem keeping in place the tax cuts for the wealthiest in this country that were never paid for, along with the two wars (an extra 3 trillion so far), and the prescription drug plan that all amounted to over 720 billion dollars in “things” that were well beyond “their” means, and “the American people know it...”  More on that in a minute, the most important news of the day, this day 92 of the Gulf oil “spill”, was the fact that the well cap has remained a success…however, there has been a leak that is roughly 2 miles away from the well head, seeping a gaseous mixture of some kind into the water, which could indicate that there is something wrong with the “casing” of the well head, and subsequently a leak.  Because the pressure is holding steady at 6800 psi, below the number of 9000 psi they were looking for, indicating no leak, it remains a mystery why this “seepage” is occurring under the sea bed and if it has anything to do with the well head, seismic activity, or if it represents a larger problem in that the entire casing integrity is shot altogether.  Whatever the problem is, the curious questions remain–for one, why is bp not bringing the oil it captured up to the surface ships that were put in place to begin with, especially considering there are now two more valves designed to both relieve pressure and allow for more oil to be released to said surface ships?  As the relief wells get closer to killing the well with drilling mud and cement that will stop the flow of oil from the source, the engineers need to be cautious of that “cap” and the pressure it represents in relation to the possibly compromised casing, does not blow apart the well entirely, causing the oil to flow out freely again in the waters of that beautiful Gulf…  William Shakespeare once said, “to thine known self be true.”  He also wrote that “something stinks in Denmark”…I pray dear Sarah, “thirty odd six”, Palin, Mr. William Shakespeare called me this morning regarding your recent comparison with that playwright and his epic work over 500 years ago and wants his comparison back–PRONTO.  He was very disturbed by your using your name and his in the same breath, then screamed out, “I f#$king refudiate that?!” and then quoted our friend Mr. Keith Olberman, “that woman is an IDIOT!” The party of hell no is a useless group of men and women who prey on the poor and ignorant in this country, claiming that they have a finger on the pulse of the “American people” by saying that talking point ad nauseum.  I believe I heard one or another member of the p.o.h.n. say the favorite talking point #5077, “what the American people want,” “the American people really want,” or “We, the republicans, KNOW what the American people want” over 40 times in one speech alone.  Here’s what they really want for “the American People”– they want them to be destitute, scrounging for food, ’cause we sure as hell ‘aint going to give ‘em any, they want them sick, without proper health care, downtrodden and desperate, willing to grovel and beg for mercy from the mighty evangelical angels that are the p.o.h.n… They want good paying 7 dollar an hour jobs at fine restaurants like McDonald’s and Burger King.  They want to be left alone from this communist, government that is taking over their lives and bring back America like it once was, back to the days when a man could own a sl…., oh, I see our time is up.  But, remember this, we stand by and KNOW what the “American People want.” We won’t give you any specifics about what we would do differently, but we KNOW what they want, just like when I beat my kids, they KNOW they want to be beaten, so, oh, I went to far again, sorry, ah, er, I will conclude by saying what the “American People want is a government that is small, and effective in giving the corporations what they want and need…oh, I have?  OK, I have gone too far again, so suffice to say, “we, the “party of hell no”, KNOW what the “American people want (talking point #5077, trademark) and we will use our second amendment remedies to prove that to them, should the “American people” get out of line…”  Thank you Mr. John, “orange guy”, Boehner (R_OH), you are a gentleman and a scholar!  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, all of the people, SEA TURTLES, DOLPHINS, WHALES, BROWN PELICANS and marsh lands therein…may this miracle happen soon! Have a nice day everybody!  Peace~M

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