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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 13, 2010

One Sail

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One lone sail boat adorns the Nantucket Harbor on a cold January morning.  Greetings from Cape Cod and the Islands!  I pray that you are well on this 13th day of January and that the frost has thawed wherever you may be reading this.  The vast oceans of the world offer some idea of the significance of our own place on this little blue rock I call earth.  Like the earth, we too are over eighty percent water, and it would not be an overstatement to say that what we do collectively as a race, the human species, to our oceans– we do to ourselves.  Here on Cape Cod, I am privileged to witness the beauty and truth that we share with our brother the whale and our sister the seagull.  There is a relationship that cannot be ignored when all is said and done.  Like the sail that offers itself to the wind, we too must offer ourselves to a higher source, from which we all came, and see things from a different perspective.  Propelling our craft forward into a future that need not be as dark as some would have you think–a retraining of the hard wiring that has been infused into our society’s “thinking” that there is only one way, when in reality there are infinite ways and it would be arrogant to “think” otherwise.  One world, One race, One Creator.  The sooner we all accept that, just imagine what this world will be.  Have a great Wednesday!  Peace~ M

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