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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 26, 2010

On the Prowl

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  The showers continue today, although the rains are of the mild, gentle sort, doing the job rain was supposed to do– bring water to the plants, people, and animals that we share this most beautiful planet with…  Today, in Washington D.C., we will once again be witnesses to the game being played that is not a game at all–the “reform of Wall Street”, rather, the banking casinos that have dominated this country for two decades with fraud, deceit, greed and a sick lust for power at the expense of our fellow countrymen, not to say anything about the world in general.  The old standard questions apply here– Who, What, Where, Why and How?  “Who” is causing this affliction to persist, looming like a monster under the bed?  To answer that we must look at some numbers.  At present, it is estimated that 600 TRILLION dollars of various derivatives are being traded in the dark–that means your pension, your mother’s pension and indeed the country’s pension.  Twenty years ago, the “banking” industry made up roughly 17 percent of the GDP (gross domestic product) in the United States of America.  Today, it is estimated to be 65 percent of GDP!  This of course, means that Wall Street, to a large degree, calls many of the shots and that is evidenced by the fact that many of the Bush appointees assigned to Wall Street in the 00’s combined with lack regulations through agencies like the SEC, are still in place in the Obama administration.  Can someone say “conflict of interest?” The “What”, is answered by a little word called derivatives or credit default swaps, that are likened to a bomb that could go off at any minute, throwing the world into yet another fiscal tail spin.  The “Where” is everywhere, for as we now live in a global economy, these criminal bets that are designed to fool investors actually can take down whole nations, such as the recent case involving the insolvency of Greece who was bailed out by the European Union.  The “Why” is fairly self explanatory, for knowing that the root of all evil is not money per se, but rather in the LUST for it.  Wall Street was once a proud pillar of American society, bringing capital to businesses of all kinds, investing in America to build a better country, bringing prosperity to all.  Now, Wall Street is a haven for sociopaths whose main goal is to profit at all costs.  Damn the nation, damn the poor, damn ideology, ethics, morality and social justice.  These “investors” give nothing back to society, with the common goal of Wall Street being one of untouchable status, using the American people as a back stop to all of the incredible risk taking that happens on that dark street everyday.  The “How” is answered by looking back at the previous administration and realizing that we have all been had.  This is a joke.  “W” was no more in control of Wall Street than Obama is now, and when we look even further back to the days of Ronald Reagan, we see how deregulation, the de-teething of financial cops on the beat like the SEC, has effectively taken the Executive branch, the Legislative branch and the American public out of the equation all together.  The wolves have taken over the hen house.  Just ask my pal Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell (R-KY), whose recent trips up to New York only solidified what we all ready knew–Wall Street executives run the show and use politicians, Justices and sometimes even Presidents as their own personal drug mules– pulling the strings that attach to their arms, feet, hands, legs and most importantly their heads.  I can’t speak for their hearts and souls, but I should think they must be getting rather tired, for the weight of being a scoundrel is heavy and redemption only begins when one is honest with oneself–asking something much greater than you for help to change into something more human– something perhaps, even Divine.  We will see, most assuredly, what transpires in the coming days– for without financial reform, it is only a matter of time before the bomb goes off and the masses are scrambling for chickens to pay for their Comcast bill.  Do cable companies take poultry or do their prefer beef?  Have a wonderful Monday folks and good luck to all of the participants in today’s cloture vote in D.C., for you will most assuradely need it!         Peace~ M

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