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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 29, 2010

On High

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Good to be with you on this Tuesday morning, a very humid morning, as we greet another summer day here in the little seaside village of Osterville.  The sunrise at Dowses Beach was, to quote a tired old cliche used and created by myself, extraordinary.  The whole of the sky was a deep pink, and as the sun illuminated other worldly “clouds”, it was as if I were looking up at a Monet…  Extending my comments from yesterday regarding the lack of coverage now from the U.S media “news” outlets, I found it ironic that the lead story in yesterday’s broadcast of “BBC’s World News America” was in fact, the environmental disaster in the Gulf.  As Hurricane season kicks into full gear, with a tropical storm forecasted for the Texas coast, churning up waves to the north where the ill fated Deep Water Horizon “city” continues to “attempt” to stop the gusher, cleanup response may be halted due to seas rising to 6-8 feet.  This is what most experts in the environmental field worry the most about.  Storm surges from Hurricanes can devastate coastal communities, but when the water is laden with oil and dispersant, the situation could be much worse.  Let us all keep our fingers crossed that the relief wells work and stop the gushing flow of oil that is destroying the south land.  Other stories have taken hold of the media’s attention as of Sunday, with Afghanistan, the confirmation hearings for Elena Kagan regarding her bid to become the new United States Supreme Court Justice, the joke of financial reform and the stalling tactics of the “party of hell no,” and the ever increasing hatred towards those who have not, while those who “have” rub more salt in the wounds of the downtrodden–all due to the economic policies of the previous administration.  Congress has decided to block the extension of unemployment benefits, again, but this time it is not just one as#$le Senator doing the dirty work–it is the entire “p.o.h.n.”.  This is akin to someone stealing your wallet and then, instead of helping you “find it”, they call you names like, “hobo”, prompting the high and mighty claim that, “they should just go out and find a job,” when there are no jobs to be found–as they were all outsourced by the corporations that pull the strings of the mouthpieces aforementioned.  Just ask the guys at “C Street”, they’ll tell YA! It has become clear that a deep division has taken over this torn country of ours, where hate, ignorance and fear rule the day.  People are hurting in so many parts of this great nation of ours and we all seem to be asleep at the switch.  We have not waken up to the fact that because of globalization, many citizens of the world face similar or even worse scenarios, where plutocracy tries to crush the will of the people and thus, creates chaos, a friend to the corporate owned America.  For by keeping the people in that state of fear, nothing is accomplished, save the bottom line for the most successful wolves raiding the hen house.  Look around you, take a good look around you.  Not since the Great Depression have we had so much misery, from sea to shining sea.  Take California as an example.  Having lived in both southern and northern Cal, I don’t recall seeing any tent cities, massive school closings, the laying off of police and fire fighters, food banks taking the space of businesses that once thrived, and the overall mood of people who just had no clue that things could get this bad.  Our “True Compass” as a nation seems to have been misplaced, although it can never be lost completely, but must be retrieved, cleaned, polished and put back to use, as we have little  time before the next election in 2012, where we could see a giant change in the United States of America–with men like John, “pass me some of that tint,” Boehner (R-OH), who “acts” as the minority leader of the House of Representatives, repeating the same old tired lines spun by word doctors.com and mandated by his corporate overlords, the “party lines”, or “talking points”, “I think we know what THE AMERICAN PEOPLE want…” Horses#$t.  You know nothing of what “the American people want”, nor do you care.  So spare us your bulls#$t slick, we are so on to you and your crony capitalism that amounts to the real “shakedown” of the American people.  How dare you!  You and the rest of the cockroaches in the p.o.h.n. will be remembered in the annuls of history for what and who you really are…and for that illumination I must call on and quote the late, great Graham Chapman of Monty Python’s Flying Circus, “you are nothing more than tiny minded wipers of other people’s bottoms…” Creative intelligence created you, my friend, and “What you do unto the least of me, said Jesus, you do unto me.” Remember that at your next “Bible study.”    GOD’S SPEED to the GULF–all of the people, sea creatures, Brown Pelicans and marsh lands therein…may a miracle happen soon! Enjoy your Tuesday folks.   Peace~M

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