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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 20, 2009

On a clear day

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It was once written that on a clear day you can see forever…as I have probably already stated in one of the observations that are electronically thrown out to the universe in, according to the “retired”  Senator from Alaska, “a series of tubes”–an accurate description of the Internet.  Perhaps the leaders in Iran, the great supreme leader, have that same misconception of technology and how it has revolutionized communication.  With lightning speed, the written word, or some derivation therein, is distributed to billions of people around the world.  How much Knowledge is being presented and, moreover, how much is being absorbed?  Control over  the will of a sovereign nation, any nation, is a tall order indeed, and if mind control is the ultimate aim of such tyrants, they will have to factor in the series of tubes called the Internet, as the TRUTH has a way of finding it’s way to the light…just as a river finds its way to the sea.  Have a blessed Saturday.           Peace M

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