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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 7, 2009

On a clear day…

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“On a clear day, you can see forever…”  Many songs, like this one, have been written over the years about clarity and what it really means to the human experience.    This week end is pivotal for this country, although it seems to be slipping in the headlines, as the aftermath of war preoccupies our attention and rightly so.  The House of Representatives will attempt to vote on the historic health care bill that has been demonized by truly crazy people in Washington.  How else can one explain the retoric that comes from the ignorant and bought congressman and senators who see this fight for the nation’s health more like a football game than a life or death senario.  122 people die every day because they do not have real health care.  The paramount question is for what?  GREED.  It astonishes me that more than 10 votes are needed in the house to reach the magic number of 218, with the gap even wider in the Senate.  How can this be?  Lack of clarity.  The strategists who are employed by the interests that be (corporate lobbies for the insurance industry) have developed a bullhorn that is so powerful, it puts the average U.S. citizen in a trance, a fear riddled trance, blinding them from the truth of what is really going on here.  Please pray for resolution and response to this crisis of conscience.  As stated many times before, it is always darkest right before the dawn.  Keep the faith that someone will break through the muddy waters that Washington D.C. has turned into–transforming it into a clear blue ocean of clarity and wisdom, compassion and grace.  We have been fighting the wrong war.  You do not have to take it anymore.  Have a great Saturday!  Peace~ M

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