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January 30, 2010

Olive Branch

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On a cold 9 degree morning here in Osterville, Massachusetts, I bid you a fair adieu.  Yesterday was a unique day in politics, as 140 republican members of the House of Representatives gathered for a question and answer session with the President of the United States, Barack Obama.  If you have followed any of the party of NO and the talking points therein, (this live exchange that took place in Baltimore, Maryland yesterday was aired live by most news stations), you will see why this was either a day of celebration or a day of soul searching…  I say most, for FOX news aired it live for only a portion of the full “debate”, as they quickly realized that it was not in their best interest to do so.  The “Lion’s Den” was filled with questions that were not based in fact and as the President schooled these children, it was clear that the republican leaders, like Mike Pence, who made the decision to bring attention, national attention, to the ignorance and non-yielding essence of the “core-values” the republicans offer the American people, made a mistake and as the discussion continued, this fact became as clear as the light of day…For example, when one of the members of the House began complaining about the national debt and the deficit, Obama was quick to point out that not only did he come into office with a 1.2 trillion dollar deficit, but was also saddled with an 8 trillion dollar debt that came from unfunded pet projects like the Bush tax cuts, the Iraq and Afghanistan war, and the prescription drug bill.  These debts and deficits were already in existence before the President took the oath of office.  Further, the stimulus bill of roughly 1.2 trillion dollars was mostly put into place by the previous administration to keep this country from going over a cliff and was adopted by President Obama.  The fact of the matter is this, republicans do not deal in facts, they will continue to operate on phantom talking points that are not based in reality.  Moreover, the real players in this sick game have absolutely no desire of helping the American people, in fact the policies that Obama has put forth in good faith to do exactly that, are met with cynicism, scorn, repudiation, and the real fear that if these new ideals, American ideals, are put into place, it may undermine the “vision” that they truly have for America– let the richest of the rich continue to pillage this great country of ours, on the backs of the working poor, and to hell with the rest of them!  If the “Christian” right wing in this country really wanted to be Christian, they would start by the first fundamental–honesty.  Be honest that you abhor the poor, that you don’t care about regular Americans getting the health care they deserve, that you are oblivious to what we are doing to the environment, that you want the big banks to continue creating the boom and bust cycle, thus, insuring that the one’s who are on the “inside” will continue to benefit and gain more wealth and power, while the rest of America, roughly 90 percent, can continue to suffer and die.  What’s the matter?   ARE YOU AFRAID OF THE TRUTH?  Have a nice Saturday!  Peace~ M

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